1. What was the name of the students' ship?

2. According to Rowan, what methods of execution did they try on Jason, but failed?

3. What was The Grendel's destination?

4. What was Kay-Em's explanation for the hockey mask?

5. How much does Professor Lowe offer Sgt. Brodski to preserve Jason?

6. What does the KM stand for in Kay-Em 14?

7. What was the nickname given to the Marines?

8. What insects were used for re-generation?

9. What did Crutch say occurred during The Microsoft Conflict?

10. What does E.V.A. mean?


1. The students' ship was called The Grendel.
2. They tried the electric chair, lethal gas, firing squad, and hanging.
3. The Grendel's destination was the space station Solaris.
4. Kay-Em said that a hockey mask is facial armor used in a sport (hockey) outlawed in 2024.
5. Professor Lowe offered Sgt. Brodski $500,000 to preserve Jason.
6. KM stands for Knowledge Matrix.
7. The Marines were referred to as The Grunts.
8. Nano-ants were used for re-generation.
9. Crutch said that they used to beat each other with their own severed limbs.
10. E.V.A. means extra-vehicular activity, a spacewalk to repair the ship.

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