1. What nickname does Trick call Erwin in town?

2. Where was the goth group originally from?

3. What was Francis' nickname for his brother Enoch?

4. According to Glo, what nationality is the name Voorhees from?

5. What was Enoch's name for Jason?

6. Who was Dr. Geistmann?

7. What was Ross Feratu's real name?

8. Why was Ross's tour canceled?

9. Where did Jaomi earn her degree in computers?

10. What reality show did Ross interrupt for publicity?


1. Trick called Erwin "slapnut", which is what Erwin called the band 'Slipknot'.
2. The goth group is originally from Seattle, and they hitched cross-country.
3. Francis jokingly called his brother Enoch "man-tits".
4. According to Glo, the name Voorhees was Dutch from the 17th century.
5. Enoch called Jason "fourtrees" instead of Voorhees.
6. Dr. Geistmann was actually George Witney.
7. Ross Feratu's real name was Dwayne Weintraub.
8. Ross's tour was canceled due to poor ticket sales.
9. Jaomi earned her degree in computers from MIT.
10. Ross interrupted "Kantayna of Joy" to obtain publicity.

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