1. What was the name of the reality show being filmed?

2. What was the prize promised to the winner of the show?

3. At what college was Dr. Cain valedictorian?

4. What was Dr. Cain's dream?

5. Where was Alex originally from?

6. What does Val's tattoo say?

7. What was Danisha's explanation for killing invalids and elderly?

8. On what island did the show take place?

9. What was Juicilei's nickname?

10. What camp do Marlowe and Enrique run in the middle of the woods?


1. The reality show was called 'Xtreme Elimination 2'.
2. The prize promised was a reduced sentence to life in prison.
3. Dr. Cain was valedictorian from the Eberly College of Science at Penn State.
4. Dr. Cain's dream was to create a virus that would prolong life.
5. Alex was originally from Homer, Alaska.
6. Val's tattoo said 'Proud White Woman'.
7. Danisha's explanation was 'They put cats to sleep don't they?'
8. The show took place at Camp Isla Negra on Costa Rica.
9. Juicilei's nickname was 'Juicy'.
10. Marlowe and Enrique run 'Campo Coatimundi'.

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