1. What was Daimler's term for unknown subjects?

2. What type of car did Norwood Thawn steal?

3. What prophecy did Denzela give Halo?

4. What was Duke's occupation?

5. What was the new name of Crystal Lake?

6. What country was Denzela originally from?

7. What was the name of the new hotel?

8. What famous novel does Tom compare the hotel to?

9. What room did the Thawns' check into?

10. According to Daimler, how many men has he killed on duty?


1. Daimler referred to the unknown subjects as "UNSUB's".
2. Norwood Thawn stole a Pontiac Grand Prix.
3. Denzela warned Halo of a "storm the shape of a man."
4. Duke was a mechanic.
5. Crystal Lake's name was changed to Clear Waters.
6. Denzela was originally from South Africa.
7. The name of the hotel was the Phoenix Heights.
8. Tom compares the hotel to Stephen King's novel 'The Shining'.
9. The Thawns checked into room 1306.
10. Daimler killed five people while on duty.

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