1. What was the nickname of serial killer Wayne Sanchez?

2. How was Sanchez originally executed?

3. What is the name of the college in town?

4. What song does Josh play in the woods?

5. What type of motorcycle does Trey own?

6. How did Charles originally kill his mother?

7. What was Sanchez's symbol that he carved into his victims?

8. What job did Shawna's mother have in Asbury Park?

9. What was Lisa and James' favorite movie?

10. What type of car did Paul own?


1. Wayne Sanchez was dubbed 'The Daytona Beach Devil Boy' by the media.
2. Sanchez was originally electrocuted by lethal injection.
3. The college's name is the University of Forest Green.
4. Josh plays "The Juggla" by the Insane Clown Posse.
5. Trey owns a Kawasaki Ninja.
6. Charles killed his diabetic mother by giving her an overdose of insulin.
7. Sanchez's symbol was five triangular points.
8. Shawna's mother was a beautician.
9. Lisa and James' favorite movie was a vampire movie titled "The Hunger".
10. Paul owned a white Volkswagen.

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