1. What type of car did Kelly own?

2. What was the name of the church?

3. What was the church's official slogan?

4. What was Curtis arrested for when he turned 18?

5. Where did Hobb meet his wife Lauren?

6. What was the name of Townsend's favorite strip club?

7. What war did Curtis fight in?

8. What was Acheson's favorite TV show?

9. What type of vehicles did the strike team ride in?

10. How did Don James first encounter Father Long?


1. Kelly owned a 1980 Honda Civic.
2. The church's official name was 'The Ministry of the Heavenly Vessel'.
3. The church's official slogan was 'Only ONE can mete out judgment'.
4. Curtis was arrested for robbing a gas station 2 days after his 18th birthday.
5. Hobb met his wife Lauren at the gym while still in college.
6. Townsend's favorite strip club was 'Lefty's Lounge'.
7. Curtis fought in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.
8. Acheson's favorite TV show was 'Battlestar Galactica'.
9. The strike team rode in armored LAV's.
10. Don James met Father Long while working a dead-end job at a laundromat.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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