1. How many majors did Jay have at Newkirk College?

2. What was the distinction of Gabriel's "NATAS" tattoo?

3. Why was Joel nicknamed Slax?

4. What cemetery did Kevin pass through to get to Krista's grave?

5. What kind of water did Rob drink in Chapter 12?

6. According to Chapter 13, how many years was Mayor Quincy in the Navy?

7. What was Louie's job on the tech crew?

8. What did Slax have for breakfast in Chapter 16?

9. After all the trouble, what did Carrie end up using to film?

10. What type of cigar did Kevin puff on before the final action takes place?


1. Jay had three different majors because he was there to play football, not study.
2. Gabriel got the tattoo "NATAS" because when he looks in the mirror, he sees "SATAN".
3. Joel was nicknamed Slax because he was a slacker, really laid back and lazy.
4. Kevin passed through the Hope Cemetery (Part 1) to get to Krista's grave in the Eternal Peace Cemetery.
5. Rob drinks Dasani bottled water in Chapter 12.
6. According to Chapter 13, Mayor Quincy was in the Navy for 10 years.
7. Louie's job on the tech crew was the audio technician.
8. Slax scrounged up a package of strawberry pop-tarts for breakfast in Chapter 16.
9. Carrie ended up using their last resort, a palmcorder, to film her report.
10. Kevin puffed on a wild cherry Swisher sweet cigar before they went after Jason at the end.

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