1. What was Jordan's rank in the military?

2. How did Jenny know Krista?

3. What type of vehicle did Kisha drive?

4. What vehicle gave Tony trouble?

5. Where did Kisha go to hide?

6. What was Jordan's chief hobby?

7. Who did Norman pretend to be?

8. Whose voices did Rob hear in his head?

9. Where was Kevin during all of the action?

10. Why were C.J. and Adam at the camp?


1. Jordan's rank was lieutenant.
2. Jenny was one of Krista's old modeling friends.
3. Kisha drove a Toyota 4-Runner.
4. Tony's jet ski gave him trouble.
5. Kisha hid in the restroom cabin.
6. Jordan's chief hobby was doing magic tricks.
7. Norman pretended to be Superman.
8. Rob heard the voices of Nikki and Krista in his head.
9. Kevin was playing professional hockey in Europe.
10. C.J. and Adam were security guards at the camp.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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