1. How did Tim and Melissa meet?

2. What type and color of car did the FBI Agents drive?

3. What two magazines did Krista grace the cover of?

4. What was Kevin's goals-against-average at Boston U.?

5. What was the name of the team's hotel?

6. What was the name of Allen Christy's new camp?

7. Where was Rico originally from?

8. What type of plane did the team fly on?

9. What roadblock did Krista and the agents encounter on their way to Crystal Lake?

10. What was Kevin's real connection to his teammates?


1. Tim fell on her at a basketball game.
2. The FBI Agents drove black Ford Crown Victorias.
3. Krista got on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Jane.
4. Kevin's GAA was 1.27 at Boston U.
5. The team stayed at the Salt Lake City Marriott.
6. Allen Christy's new camp was Camp York.
7. Rico was originally from El Paso, Texas.
8. The team flew on a Boeing 717 Economy Liner.
9. Krista's car engine blew up, delaying their arrival.
10. They were the ones who killed his girlfriend Jessica two years earlier.

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