1. What was Steven's new job in Crystal Lake?

2. What type of car did Micki have?

3. Why did Micki return to Crystal Lake?

4. How long did Phil Raman go without food, prior to being possessed?

5. What was the name of the new restaurant on the site of the former Joey B's?

6. According to Rashid, who were the 'Ancient Ones'?

7. Where did Phil get his new machete before his final rampage?

8. What did Carol inform her group of when they tried to back out of the project?

9. How did Sheriff Landis know where to find Steven and Micki at the end?

10. Who made a surprise appearance at the end of the novel?


1. Steven Freeman managed an Army/Navy store with his partner Will Peters.
2. Micki had a red 1985 Ford Mustang.
3. Micki returned to Crystal Lake to retrieve Jason's mask and lock it up in the vault at the Curious Goods Shop.
4. Phil Raman went 40 hours without food before he became possessed.
5. The new restaurant was called 'Big Kay Burger'.
6. The 'Ancient Ones' were an ancient evil with an intense hatred of all that God created.
7. Phil got his new machete from Bessie and Lilleth, the campers staying at the old carnival site.
8. Carol referred to their signed contract that stated they were not entitled to any profits if they backed out.
9. Sheriff Landis found Steven and Micki thanks to 'smoke signals' from the burning Voorhees House.
10. Dr. Wimmer ('Jason X') is revealed at the end of the novel, deep in his research on re-generation.

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