1. What animal died early in the book?

2. What were Donny and Stu going to Crystal Lake for?

3. What team did Carville play against?

4. What was Teddy's nickname?

5. What was Missy knitting for Dave?

6. What cabin number did they play spin the bottle in?

7. What brand name was Belinda's bookbag?

8. What song was the mysterious figure playing on the piano?

9. What weapon did Cliff have on him when he died?

10. What did Belinda think she heard in the cabin that made her go in?


1. A spider gets ran over.
2. Donny and Stu were cave exploring at Crystal Point.
3. Carville was playing against Thompson High.
4. Teddy's nickname was Buzzy.
5. Missy was knitting a Carville High sweater for Dave.
6. They played spin the bottle in cabin one.
7. Belinda's bookbag was a Land's End brand.
8. The figure was playing "Happy Birthday".
9. Cliff had an X-Acto Knife.
10. Belinda heard a coin dropping.

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