1. What was Mitch Deever's job with the carnival?

2. What happened that caused the carnival to come to Crystal Lake?

3. What was the name of Maxi's hometown?

4. What was the name of the closest camp to Crystal Lake, referred to by Bernard and Nick?

5. How much did a ride ticket cost at the carnival?

6. What kind of car did Maxi drive to the carnival?

7. What card did Selena fail to reveal the significance of until it was too late?

8. What was the name of Maxi's father's mistress?

9. What was the name of the school Maxi, K.C., and Wendy attended?

10. How many people (total) were on the crew to work at the carnival?


1. Mitch Deever was the chief mechanic.
2. Vince Fantana's carnival had a series of accidents in big cities, causing them to go to small towns.
3. Maxi's hometown was Holloway, Massachusetts.
4. Camp Topeka was the closest camp, 30 miles away.
5. Each ride cost 25 cents per ticket.
6. Maxi drove her mother's BMW.
7. Selena didn't reveal the death card that said Maxi and all her friends would die that night.
8. Bev was Maxi's father's mistress.
9. Their school was the Harriet C. Carter Community College.
10. 40 people worked for Vince Fantana.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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