1. What did Ma and Pa eat for breakfast the morning before they are killed?

2. What traumatic thing did Pa do to Big Red as a boy?

3. What traumatic thing did Tuck do to Big Red as a boy?

4. What traumatic thing did Bud cause to happen to Big Red as a boy?

5. What accolade did Miguel receive in high school?

6. What were the names of Big Red's pigs?

7. What was the population of Crystal Lake, according to Tuck?

8. What did Kelly do that totally grossed everybody out?

9. What was the name of the diner that they go to and which Darlene worked at?

10. What was Big Red's last name?


1. Ma and Pa ate Rice Krispies.
2. Pa hit Red with an iron, causing a permanent V-shaped indentation on his forehead.
3. Tuck shot an arrow at Red and caused him to lose his eye.
4. Bud let him use the chainsaw, and he sawed his leg off.
5. Miguel was voted "Most Likely To Kill Someone".
6. The pigs were named Sally, Mae, and Delilah.
7. Tuck said the population was 287 and counting down.
8. Kelly ate a grasshopper.
9. The name of the diner was Denny's Diner.
10. Big Red's last name was Gleason.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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