1. What was the name of Boone's heavy metal band?

2. In what subject did Carly tutor Kelly Boone?

3. What was the name of their hometown?

4. What subject was Carly studying when Boone called her on the phone?

5. What silly antics did Boone pull at homecoming?

6. What was Albert's main sickness, referred to when they set out?

7. In what sport was Paul an All-American?

8. What college did Paul and Albert attend?

9. How old was Carly when her dad died?

10. What kind of blue jeans did Monique wear?


1. Boone's band was called 'The Rotting Corpses'.
2. Carly tutored Kelly in Calculus.
3. Their hometown was Newkirk, Massachusetts.
4. Carly was studying American History when Boone calls.
5. Boone dressed up like the mascot and mooned everybody.
6. Albert was car sick.
7. Paul was an All-American in Wrestling.
8. Paul and Albert went to Brown University.
9. Carly was two years old when her dad died.
10. Monique wore Guess Jeans.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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