Crystal Lake
February 2002

“Oh my god, I think it is actually colder than Alaska, or somewhere cold like that,” said the voice of a ditsy young model.

“Yeah, cold,” was all Krista could mutter back.

She could not even believe that her damn agent had talked her into coming back to this damned town.

It had been ten months since her and Kevin barely escaped Jason Voorhees for the second time. Ten months since she blew that motherfucker up in the crashed plane. Officials claim they finally got him and that Jason was finally dead after all these years. They claimed they found and cremated the body, but Krista knew better. She was there when they pulled the mask out of the wreckage, right before she was rushed to the hospital. Somewhere deep inside, she knew that Jason was still out there, waiting.

Crystal Lake, the town that Krista wished was wiped off the face off the earth, is slowly changing from the ghost town that she had witnessed to a typical rural town with families and small businesses finally coming back. Now, after being tricked by her dickhead agent, here she is again sitting in a cold ass hotel room with some ditsy blonde whose bra size was probably higher then her IQ.

Tiffany Taylor, a 21-year-old with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, was a spitting image of a Barbie doll. Her first appearance in Playboy would be tomorrow with Krista, for their big Valentine’s Day issue.

Krista was happy for Tiffany, who finally made it to the big time, but was pissed off that she had to be there. Her agent promised her that if she posed nude with another girl, her paycheck would be doubled. That was the only reason she was there, because Kevin (now her fiancé) never made it to the NHL and got stuck playing in a European league. The only reason Kevin never went far was because after the recent incident at Crystal Lake, Kevin suffered a severe arm injury thanks to Jason (and a knife).

Nevertheless, they needed the money badly if they ever wanted to start a family, which Krista hoped would be sooner than later. What she wasn’t told, however, was that they would be posing nude in a hot tub with another girl in the snowy woods. She was led to believe they were doing the shot in Hawaii on a beach, and it wasn’t until she was in the plane that she found out where she was going. Of course, by then, her agent was nowhere to be found and she had no choice but to go.

“God, I swear I’m going to rip off his balls when I’m done with this shit hole,” Krista mumbled under her breath.

“What’s that Krissy?” asked Tiffany who was unpacking her three bags of make up and was attempting to put more on.

“Oh, nothing, I was just uh, singing a song,” replied Krista, who really didn’t feel like explaining to her about how she got screwed into coming here.

“Oh, what a good idea!” squealed Tiffany, who jumped into the air with excitement. “We need some music to cut the tension and loosen the mood.”

She bounced over to her portable boom box and started playing, No Doubt’s “Hey Baby.”

“God, somebody kill me,” Krista mumbled as she rolled her eyes into the back of her head.

For the next couples hours, the two models simply continued to unpack and started to get to know each other.

Tiffany told her about all her hundreds of ex-boyfriends, and horrible shots gone wrong for local magazines in her hometown of Dallas. The more she babbled on and on, the more Krista came to a conclusion that this chick was a huge slut and needed serious psychological counseling.

Krista went on to tell Tiffany about her fiancé Kevin playing hockey in Europe, her family back in Massachusetts, and about her twin sister and older brother. Then she went on tell Tiffany that her twin sister, Nikki, died in a car wreck late one evening coming home from work. Krista figured it would be best for both of them if she didn’t bring up her experience with Jason and Camp Crystal Lake.

The two chit-chatted the rest of the afternoon, and for a moment, Krista actually forgot that she was mere miles away from the infamous campsite, where her friends had been brutally murdered, and she herself had barely managed to escape a horrible death.

The day went fast, which was good for Krista, because the sooner she could leave the better, as night soon feel over the town.

“Man, am I stuffed,” said Krista who fell back on her bed holding her stomach from the recent large veggie pizza they ordered from room service.

Tiffany could only manage a mumble, as she too laid on her bed digesting the food.

Then, as if she got a second wind, Tiffany suddenly sprang up and said she needed to get a shower.

Krista just shrugged her shoulders, as if to say whatever as Tiffany flung her clothes off and ran to the shower.

Within seconds of the water being turned on, Krista thought she heard groaning sounds as if Tiffany was throwing up her dinner. Krista didn’t really care, and it wasn’t really any of her business as she just stared out the window in the dark snowy night.

She stared way off into the woods, as if she knew exactly where the camp site lay dormant, the Voorhees mansion once stood, and where the cave was, where the carnage should of ended in the first place. She saw herself, on the Friday the 13th two years ago, holding hands with Kevin for the first time as they hiked to Crystal Point. She remembers kissing him for the first time and how good it felt, and how for a moment her life was perfect, when the legend of Jason Voorhees was just a legend.

“Are you still out there Jason, are you really still alive?” she said aloud to herself, as her breath fogged up the glass on the window.

She heard the water turn off in the shower as she rubbed the fog off the window, only to stare directly in the blood stained mask of Jason Voorhees, as he brought down the blade of an ax, smashing through the window.

Krista screamed at the top of her lungs and fell backwards, crashing onto the floor below awaiting the deathblow. But when she looked up, there was no one there, and the window was still perfectly in place.

“Krissy are you ok?!” Tiffany yelled as she stormed out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel around her still wet body.

Krista only looked up at her, then back at the window, and then burst out into tears. “Hunney what’s wrong?” asked Tiffany sympathetically, as she knelt on the floor beside her and hugged her.

Krista, finally managing to regain control of herself, just lied and said she saw a bear outside. “Oh my god, I hate bears,” Tiffany replied. “I remember like this one time, I was on the mountain you know having sex with my boyfriend, or maybe it was my boyfriend’s friend, well anyway it really doesn’t matter, cause he wasn’t good at all so I was staring out the window bored as hell, and I seen this bear, it was like seriously big and had huge teeth and everything. So I screamed and cried and made what’s his name go out and kill it, because I refused to go any further until it was dead. Well anyways, to make a long story short, it turned out to be a log, can’t you believe it a log,” Tiffany said with a huge smile on her face. “So it was probably only a log you seen too, so nothing to get upset over,” she continued.

Krista only stared at her dumbfoundly, and said, “yeah it probably was.”

Just then she realized that Tiffany still had her hand on Krista’s back and leg. Suddenly Tiffany got a serious look on her face and said, “Krissy, I was thinking in the shower, that since tomorrow morning we have to pose nude together in that hot tub that, um, you know, we should practice a little tonight.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Krista who was still in shock from the incident in the window.

“Well what I mean is…” she said, stopping in mid-sentence.

An instant later, her towel fell to the ground and she gently kissed Krista on the lips.

Krista’s eyes got wide with shock when she finally realized what was happening. She pushed Tiffany off of her and spat on the ground.

“What the hell are you doing?!" Krista yelled furiously.

“I just wanted to practice,” exclaimed Tiffany who stood up, embarrassed.

Krista realized she was still naked and made a disgusted sound and turned her head, as Tiffany quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt.

Tiffany kept saying, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” as she paced back and forth in the room.

“I can’t believe you just kissed me!” Krista yelled. “What do you think I am some kind of dyke, slut?”

“No, it’s just that, I don’t know, I need to get out of here,” Tiffany replied, highly pissed and embarrassed as she grabbed her coat and stormed out of the room.

“No wait, Tiffany” Krista said, but it was too late.

Tiffany was already out the door.

“Just wonderful,” Krista said as she sat on the corner of her bed.

She fell backward, sighing and thinking to herself, this is the last thing I need.

She called up room service again and had them send up a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. She quickly downed two bottles and smoked a Salem cigarette to calm her nerves. She took a quick glance at the window again, and got a sudden chill down her spine. She decided to take a nice warm shower, then go to bed, and hopefully not dream about Crystal Lake anymore.

The hot water felt great against her naked body, as she stood there crying once again from all the mixed emotions she had been having since she first saw the “Crystal Lake 10 Miles” sign. Then, all of a sudden, she heard Tiffany come back into the room, and Krista felt a sigh of relief. She did over-react when Tiffany kissed her, so maybe they will be able to talk this over rationally.

Krista quickly got out and dried off, then threw on her long nightshirt.

“Hey Tiff, I’m glad your back, look we really need to talk about what happened earlier,” Krista said as she stepped into the room drying out her hair.

Tiffany didn’t reply, she only laid in her bed covered up.

“You sleeping already?” Krista asked, approaching her bed.

“I was thinking that maybe…”

But her sentence was cut short when she noticed Tiffany’s face. Where her eyes should have been were now only empty sockets, with blood slowly dripping from the pillow. And instead of her golden blonde hair, it was now died red from the blood oozing from her ears.

Krista, shocked and not knowing how to react, slowly stepped backward, as she fought back vomiting. She raised her hands to her mouth to scream, but when she turned around, she saw the masked figure of Jason Voorhees, a split second before he shoved the shiny machete straight through her gaping mouth and out the back of her head.

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