“So what all did Tyrone tell you about this trip?” Alicia asked as she broke what seemed to be nearly an hour of silence in the 4-Runner.

So far, the entire car ride was silent, with the only sound coming from Kisha’s stereo, which she played, Trina’s “Off the Glass” at least five times. Finally, Jenny got sick of it and convinced Alicia to play “My Sacrifice” by Creed, but that didn’t last long, either. Kisha got fed up with it and then shut off her stereo completely.

The four girls just sat in total silence, with Rebecca snoring in the backseat and Jenny sitting next to her filing her nails. Alicia sat in the passenger’s seat just staring out the window, not really thinking about anything, and Kisha was fixated on following the humvee in front of them.

“Oh, he didn’t really tell me that much at all,” Kisha explained. “He wasn’t even going to tell me at all but I caught him packing his bags, so I started to accuse him of cheating on me, and thought he was spending a weekend at some bimbo’s house. Then he finally told me what was going on.”

“Then he started going on about this is a dangerous mission and he was doing Rob a favor or some bullshit like that,” Kisha continued. “And of course I didn’t believe him, so I demanded that I come along with him. Now I guess we really are going to hunt some monster, ain’t we?”

“Yeah I guess we are, but the chances of us actually finding this Jason guy are like a million to one,” Alicia replied. “So let’s not think about this and just have some fun.”

“That sounds like a damn good idea to me girl,” Kisha exclaimed, high-fiving Alicia.

“You two do know about this ‘Jason’ guy right?” Jenny asked as she peered her head in between the front seats.

“All I know is that he killed Rob’s sister a couple years ago and that he’s dead and in hell now,” Alicia stated.

“You’re right about one thing,” Jenny explained. “He did kill one of Rob’s sisters a few years back, but your dead wrong about him being in hell. He was the one who killed Krista not too long ago.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it!” Kisha replied, suddenly nervous.

“Yeah, they arrested the hotel worker, Norman something or the other,” Alicia added.

“Believe what you want, but Jason murdered nearly 200 people at the same exact campsite where we are going right now,” Jenny explained.

“Whatever, I don’t want to hear this bullshit,” Kisha responded as she threw her head back and focused on the road.

Jenny just got a wide grin on her face as she told her story: “Well, it all started when Jason was a child swimming in Crystal Lake. The two counselors that were supposed to be monitoring him went off and screwed their heads off, and caused Jason to drown.”

“Aw, that’s horrible,” Alicia replied, who suddenly became really interested in hearing the story.

Kisha, on the other hand, just hummed to herself as she tried to block it out.

“It gets worse,” Jenny continued. “Jason’s mother lost her mind after he drowned and she murdered the two counselors responsible, so they shut down the camp. Years later, they tried to re-open it, but Jason’s mother wouldn’t allow it. She killed all but one of the counselors that horrible Friday the 13th.”

“What happened to the one?” Alicia asked.

“She chopped off the old hag’s head,” Jenny replied with a smile.

“Eww, that’s disgusting,” Alicia complained.

Kisha still pretended as if she didn’t hear a word she was saying.

“Well,” Jenny continued. “Legend has it that when Jason’s mother died, it brought Jason back to life, and he ended up killing that girl and hundreds of others who ever went back to his site again. He would have his revenge.”

Alicia just stared at her wide-eyed, waiting impatiently for her to continue.

“So he was eventually sent to hell, dragged down by real life demons, who came up from hell to claim him,” Jenny stated.

“So then he’s dead after all, right?” Alicia asked, puzzled.

“Wrong. His mask was dug up and it possessed men to kill with help from the spirit of Jason. However, after years lying in dormant, Jason arose from his hellish grave and murdered Rob’s sister, Nikki. Only his other sister, Krista, and her boyfriend Kevin were able to escape that night.” Jenny added.

“Oh my,” was all Alicia could say.

“It didn’t end there though,” Jenny interrupted, proceeding with her tale. “Jason escaped his icy grave and killed again, this time wiping out half a hockey team and some FBI agents. Krista and Kevin once again survived, this time blowing his ass up in a wrecked passenger plane. That’s where it supposedly ended. People actually believed that Jason was dead, with the only proof being a burnt hockey mask. And of course, everyone here knows what happened to Krista after that, so if you think we’re coming up here to get some fresh air, then you’re wrong. Dead wrong.”


In the humvee, it was a completely different atmosphere.

The whole time, the four men conversed with battle plans and drew sketches based off of Rob’s newspaper clippings of Crystal Lake.

“So you think this plan is going to work boss?” Drake asked Jordan after they finally comprised what they thought would be the best way to destroy Jason.

“Well, based on all the shit that Tyrone smuggled out of the supply room, it looks like we’ll be turning this campsite into a re-enactment of Hamburger Hill,” Jordan answered as he looked at Tyrone with a smile on his face to assure him that it was okay.

“Just don’t get too cocky now guys,” Rob intervened. “Jason is more powerful than any of these other raghead nations we’ve ever fought. If you think we’re just going to storm in there and shoot him once in the head and that’s it, then you’re wrong. Dead wrong.”

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