At the same time that Rob and his friends were leaving for Crystal Lake, four high school students were just arriving at the lake.

“Alright guys, this is the place,” said 18-year-old Tony Vasquez, as he pulled up in his mother’s Pontiac Aztek with his girlfriend, Jamie Newman, with his best friend, Ryan Fisher, and his girlfriend, Stephanie McDowell.

They were all seniors at Lakeview High, and since Tony’s parents gave him a Jet Ski as an early graduation gift, he was just dying to ride it.

They were sure to stay as far away from the campsite as they could. He knew there were guards posted there, and it was an automatic day in jail, plus a $500 fine if anyone was caught trespassing there.

So he took the back road and came out on the other side of the lake, directly across from the camp.

Ryan got out of the vehicle first and guided Tony back to the edge of the lake so it would be easier to unload the Jet Ski.

“Whoa stop!” Ryan shouted as he waved his arms frantically. “Shit, man, you almost went too far.”

The right back tire was mere inches from the shoreline, so Tony pulled back up a little bit as they all helped to unload the Jet Ski into the water.

Stephanie and Jamie only stood and watched, both wearing cut-off shorts with tank tops over their bikinis as they put on suntan lotion.

Ryan then pulled out a blunt from his khaki shorts, and a lighter from his Hawaiian shirt.

“Go head and fire this baby up Tony,” he said, motioning to the Jet Ski.

“Me and Steph are going to fire this baby up,” he continued as he held up the blunt.

“You got any more for us?” Jamie asked as she took her tank top off, assisting Tony with the Jet Ski.

“Yeah man I got a whole other dime in the car, don’t worry,” Ryan assured her.

“Want to go for a little walk baby?” Stephanie asked as she walked up to him and grabbed his hand, giving him a sexy eye.

“Whatever you want, baby,” Ryan answered as he exhaled a puff of smoke.

With that, Ryan and Stephanie walked off into the woods, hand-in-hand, as Tony started the ignition on the Jet Ski and Jamie climbed on the back, holding on tightly as Tony started out into the lake.


“I thought the chief gave us strict orders to stay posted at the gate only?” asked 30-year-old security guard Adam Clark.

Adam hated his job, and now today he hated it even that much more for two reasons.

One, he had to guard this damned campsite the entire week, and tomorrow was Friday the 13th.

Two, his partner was a meathead bully who always had to go the extra mile and do extra work that wasn’t necessary.

And now here they were, sweating from the walk down that spooky ass gravel road to the horseshoe of cabins that was once Camp Crystal Lake.

“Quit being such a pussy man, don’t you want to see what this place actually looks like?” replied his 33-year-old partner, C.J. Jaskula. Unlike Adam, C.J. was built, his chest puffed out over the rest of his body. It was like Adam’s stomach, which popped out over the rest of his body. C.J. had that face that was made for the movies, and Adam had the face that was made for radio.

“Hell no, why would I want to walk a mile, in damn-near 90-degree weather to look at some stupid cabins?” Adam replied.

“Because, cream puff, we’re looking at the most infamous site on the map,” C.J. explained. “Do you know how much blood was shed here over the years and how many teens lost their lives?”

“Yeah, and I don’t care.” Adam replied wearingly. “Just the thought of this place makes me sick to my stomach.”

“It’s not the place that’s making you sick, it’s the three chili dogs you ate at the post,” C.J. replied as he walked up to cabin one and peered inside the window.

“Well whatever it is, I need to splash some water on my face or something,” Adam said, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. “I’m hot as hell. How do you get to the lake?”

C.J. looked and could see the lake clear as day through the trees, and he just looked at Adam as if to say, is there any hope for this guy at all?

“Come on, I’ll show you,” C.J. said, hopping down from the porch and leading Adam down the path to the lake.

When they got there, Adam quickly ran over to the edge of the water and splashed some on his face, cooling down instantly.

“Wow, that felt so refreshing,” Adam exclaimed. “I feel ten times better already.”

But C.J. didn’t answer, and was nowhere to be found.

“C.J. where are you?” Adam yelled, suddenly feeling really scared and sick again at the same time.

“C.J., C.J.!” Adam continued to yell.

“What the hell do you want down there?” C.J. finally responded from a branch of a nearby tree.

“I thought I lost you for a minute. What the hell are you doing up there?” Adam asked, relieved that C.J. was still there, and not ditching him like he sometimes did.

“I think I see some kids fucking around over on the other side of the lake,” C.J. replied as he began to climb down. “I’m gonna go over there and arrest them. They can’t be over there.”

Adam started to say something about being careful or breaking a leg or something, but C.J. didn’t hear him, because he was focused on a man wearing a hockey mask looking directly up at him from a few yards off.

“Adam, look out!” C.J. yelled, but it was too late.

Because as soon as Adam turned around, Jason was already swinging his machete.

Adam tried to duck at the last second, but the machete caught him in his temple, slicing off the top half of his head. Adam fell to the ground dead, as his brain rolled out onto the ground.

Jason looked back up just in time to see C.J. flying down the tree, yelling in anger.

C.J. kicked the machete out of Jason’s hand, and it flew into the lake as he tackled Jason to the ground. The two rolled around the shore of Crystal Lake fighting until Jason finally got the upper hand.

He threw C.J. off of him and got up and grabbed him by the back of his head, slamming him face-first into a huge oak tree. He was ready to do it again, but then he noticed a Jet Ski out in the distance that came soaring by.

Jason dropped the dead body of C.J. Jaskula to the ground, as he walked into the lake after the unsuspecting teens on the Jet Ski.

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