Rob, Jenny, and Rebecca just sat on his beat-up couch with their bags packed, waiting for Drake to show up.

Not talking, they just stared off, daydreaming about the journey they were about to embark on.

Rob thought of his first fistfight back in the sixth grade. When he got home that day, his mom had been so upset that he ruined his brand new blue jeans that she didn’t really notice his black eye. It was his sisters who took care of him that day.

He remembered Nikki sewing a patch back on the knee of his jeans while Krista nursed his black eye. Thinking of it made a tear roll down his cheek, out of the very eye that was black that day.

Jenny thought to herself that this is going to be it. I am finally going to have Rob. I know he won’t be able to refuse the little present I got packed for him. Then she grinned, thinking of finally getting Rob into bed.

Rebecca thought of her dead-end gymnastics career. Sure, she thought this was going to be really fun going out and killing the bad guy, but she never really heard anything about Jason Voorhees or Crystal Lake until a couple hours ago. Luckily, she didn’t believe in ghosts, and wanted this little getaway to be an escape from the constant gymnastics shit she had to put up with every day.

All three of their thoughts were abruptly cut short when Drake kicked in the door, dressed in Army fatigue pants, combat boots, black tank top, and fatigued ball cap, complete with dog tags hanging around his neck. “Are you ready to kick some ass or what?” he yelled.

Rob stood up with a huge grin on his face, which quickly disappeared when he saw Alicia and Kisha walk in behind him.

Drake’s grin also disappeared when he noticed Jenny and Rebecca sitting there on top of their bags.

Rob’s grin then returned when Tyrone walked through the door.

Rob knew Tyrone was a hardcore bad-ass, and felt just a little bit better when he realized that he would also be joining them on their mission.

Tyrone was dressed almost identically to Drake, except he wore a bandanna tied backward instead of the ball cap.

“Alicia!” Rebecca joyfully yelled, as she sprang up and gave her a huge hug. “Are you coming camping too?”

“Yes, I can’t believe you’re coming too! This will be so much fun,” Alicia exclaimed. “Drake, why didn’t you tell me that Rebecca and Jenny were coming? This is such a huge surprise.”

“Yeah, um surprise,” Drake said as he talked to Tyrone and Rob in a circle.

“Hi Jenny,” Kisha said, unenthusiastic as she flipped her hair back.

“Yeah Hi,” was all Jenny replied back as she looked away.

Kisha didn’t care much for Jenny. In fact, she thought she was the biggest slut whore-bag in the entire town.

Likewise, Jenny didn’t care much for Kisha either. She thought Kisha was the loudest, most obnoxious person in the whole town.

“What’s going on man,” Drake asked. “What happened to you just going by yourself?”

“What happened to you promising me you would just get supplies and leave me go?” Rob fired back.

“I asked you first,” was all Drake could think of to say.

“Come on now, don’t be stupid Rob,” Tyrone intervened. “I know all about this Jason fuck, and for you to go out there by yourself would just be a suicide mission. Besides, no one goes out and has fun using my toys without me being able to blow something up.”

“You’re exactly right,” Rob replied. “Jenny made me realize I need help. I don’t agree with the girls going, but they’re all as tough as nails, and could make good bait.”

“I take it you got a plan?” Drake asked.

“Not yet,” Rob replied. “That is where you come in.”

Drake and Tyrone just looked at each other and grinned.

“Well, now that we all agree, let’s step because I left the hummer running outside,” Tyrone said, loudly clapping his hands together.

Everyone moved outside and started loading their bags into the back of the hummer. Kisha then pulled up in her purple Toyota 4-Runner, and parked behind the hummer.

“It took you fuckers long enough up there,” said a voice from the driver’s seat of the humvee.

“Oh yeah, Rob, we forgot to mention we got one more soldier coming along to help us out,” Drake said, motioning to their new comrade.

“Meet Lieutenant Jordan Somers,” Drake said as Rob shook his hand.

“Just call me Jordan, we’re not in uniform,” the Lieutenant replied.

Jordan, 23, was tall with a slim but muscular build, with wavy brownish hair. He too was dressed for battle, with combat boots, black cargo pants, black cargo vest, and black biker gloves, with dark sunglasses and no hat.

“I caught Tyrone loading up the humvee today when I came in to do some paper work,” Jordan stated. “Tyrone explained everything to me about hunting down Jason Voorhees. I didn’t really believe a word of it, but I’m thirsty for action.”

“Nice to have you along with us,” Rob replied, who suddenly felt extremely good about everything for the first time in a long time.

“Yeah, the more, the merrier, I always say,” Drake said, before being cut short by Rebecca as she squeezed into the circle of men.

“Nice to meet you too,” Rebecca said as she shook Jordan’s hand, her eyes wide and mouth drooling as she stared at him.

The rest of the group didn’t really care much for him as they all had their own man in one way or another.

“I’m Rebecca Johnson, and you are?” she asked, still holding his hand.

“Jordan Somers,” he replied with a laugh.

“Yeah, I guess I forgot to introduce you to our lady friends,” Drake stated.

“This is Alicia, Jenny, and Kisha,” he said, pointing to each of them as they all waved back. “And you already met Rebecca here.”

Rebecca just giggled and smiled as she finally let go of his hand and ran back to the group of girls as her and Alicia giggled.

“Okay, we’re killing daylight people,” Tyrone yelled. “Let’s load up and move out!”

With that, Jordan got back in the driver’s seat as Rob got in the passenger seat of the humvee. The girls all loaded into Kisha’s 4-Runner, and Drake and Tyrone got in the back seats of the hummer.

Kisha’s music blasted, playing “Rollout” by Ludacris as the hummer led the way onto the enemy’s turf.

The turf of Camp Crystal Lake.

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