Rob wanted to close his eyes and just have fate determine the rest, but he found he could not.

The short ride that would have normally taken five seconds to complete now seemed as if it was going on the five-minute mark.

Jason still didn't move, and it reminded Rob of two daredevils playing chicken.

Then he thought of all the dead faces he saw tonight. Starting back with the security guard, then seeing that man blown up by the land mines, and then his good friends Jordan, Tyrone and Jenny.

Jenny's death haunted him the most. She should have survived this, and it was his fault she didn't, just as it was all his fault that everyone else had died.

"No!" Rob shouted at himself. "This is not my fault."

Krista's voice agreed with him, and then everything seemed alright.

His mind thought back of all the blood that was shed here. Back to the dead bodies of Emmy and Sean, and Kunkle and Crowley. 'Who the hell were they?' Rob thought to himself.

Then it didn't matter.

Nothing else mattered.

Because the front end of the hummer successfully nailed Jason directly in the chest.

Rob was stunned Jason didn't move out of the way, and now the chain that Jason used to strangle Jenny was now tangled up in the front grill of the hummer and Jason was trying to climb over the hood and free the chain at the same time.

Rob was now only a few yards from the lake, and he went to brake, but Nikki's voice told him to keep going and don't stop.

It was too late anyway, because now the entire Humvee was driving on the dock, its thick tires half off of the edge.

But, somehow, it managed to ride the entire dock without falling off.

Rob saw the edge of the dock, and then closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact.

The hummer flew nearly five feet in the air and did a nose-dive straight down into the water, sending a huge wall of water into the air.

Jason's body was still attached to the hummer when the force hit, and Rob was knocked unconscious as they began to sink.

Jason's body landed directly between two huge rocks before the hummer finally settled at the bottom of the lake.

The old cliché now applied to Jason, because he was now truly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He was once again trapped in the watery grave that had claimed his life as a child.


Water quickly filled the hummer, and Rob was still unconscious.

The water made it up to his neck before Nikki and Krista's voices told him what to do for the last time.

Rob awoke and everything seemed so clear to him. He kicked out the driver's side window with ease, and, before resurfacing, looked back down and saw only one of Jason’s arms sticking out from underneath the hummer.

Next to him lay more chains and what looked like a big yellow sign, but it was too dark to make out what it said.

Then Rob floated gracefully to the surface and drifted ashore, before passing out once more.


When Rob awoke, it was daylight and he was no longer on the shore of Crystal Lake.

He was lying on a cot as two EMT's administered an IV to him.

The entire place was crowded with rescue workers, firemen, and police officers as they taped off the area and crime investigators began searching for dead bodies.

He faintly heard music playing from one of the vehicles nearby, but couldn't make out what the song was.

Then he noticed a huge crane down by the lake, and heard one of the officers saying as they walked past him that it was going to be hell getting that hummer up out of the lake.

Rob tried to tell them that they can't move it, but his voice was muffled and he couldn't speak well.

An instant later, he was loaded into an ambulance and taken away, and was finally able to make out what song was playing on the radio.

It was Linkin Park's “In The End”.

Rob thought to himself that it was so ironic to hear this song now.

The lyrics proved to be so true.

He tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it didn't even matter.

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