Rob couldn't believe his eyes.

Everything hit him at once. First, the plan went all wrong, then everyone got separated, then Jordan and Kisha were dead, and god only knew who else was dead.

It was all simply unbearable.

Now seeing Tyrone lying there dead as well just sent his brain into shock. He couldn't think. He couldn't move. He couldn't speak. And he couldn't see.

Everything was blurry, and he didn't even really see Jason, who was now starting to move toward him.

'It didn't really matter' he thought to himself. 'What’s the use? Everyone was dead or would soon be dead anyway. He led his men into a slaughterhouse all over revenge. He once heard that revenge was a dish best served cold, and he sure felt like he was getting one hell of a big helping served to him and his friends.'

'Revenge.' The word echoed in his mind without a meaning. Then things just seemed to freeze. It felt like time was standing still, but then suddenly, he could see clearly again...

He was no longer at camp.

He was 12 years old, and he was back at his childhood home in Massachusetts, playing in his tree house. It was his biggest accomplishment. Every kid on the block envied him because he had his very own tree house, and they didn't.

He often sat up there and just watched time go by. He’d watch the occasional car or two drive past on Spring Lane, or the boys playing baseball, or the girls jumping rope. Then things seemed to zoom in his mind to the girls, as he saw both Nikki and Krista there laughing and giggling as they jumped rope with their friends.

Then two older boys came up to them and stole their rope. They held it in front their faces, teasing them to try and get it back. Then Krista slapped the shorter kid in his face, and he pushed her hard and she fell to the ground. He then saw Nikki kick the other in the shin before he raced out of the tree house to help them.

When he arrived, both Krista and Nikki were lying on the ground crying, and both the older boys were standing over them laughing hysterically.

Rob yelled in anger as he bum-rushed the taller boy first, tackling him to the ground and punched him twice in the face, giving him a broken nose. The shorter boy tried to pull Rob off, pleading with him to cut it out.

But Rob didn’t care, because he punched him in the stomach and knocked the wind out of him, too.

Both Nikki and Krista threw their arms around him and thanked him the rest of the day, saying he was the best brother in the world. From that day on, he vowed to always protect them, and he would always remain by their side...

Then suddenly, Rob came back to his senses and was back on the haunted grounds of Crystal Lake. Jason was still moving toward him, but didn't seem to have gotten any further.

Then a real familiar voice in his head yelled at him to move, and move he did, just in the nick of time before Jason could bring the cleaver down on him.

He rolled over, and another familiar soft voice simply said "grenade" and he saw Tyrone's bloody hand still gripping the grenade, separated from the rest of his body.

Rob snatched the grenade and ran through the woods back toward the horseshoe of cabins. He didn't have to look back to see that Jason was following, because he could hear him crashing through the bushes.

Rob was sprinting now, dodging trees and jumping over fallen logs. The wind was still blowing hard, but nothing seemed to stop him now. Everything was clear to him now. He remembered his purpose in life. His sole responsibility to protect Nikki and Krista, and to get revenge for their deaths.

He wasn't even really thinking. It was as if he was reacting on pure instincts alone, but that wasn't the case, either.

The two voices in his head told him where to turn, when to jump, and when to slow down.

Rob slowed down when he reached the clearing in the horseshoe, barely running into the hummer with Jenny in the driver seat, who was frantically trying to start it.

Jenny noticed Rob running and her face immediately brightened up.

"Oh my god, you’re alive!" she cried as she got out of the hummer and gave him a hug. "Rebecca's dead! I saw her, oh Rob, it was so horrible!"

"So is everyone else, but there's no time now!" he started to say, but Jenny cut him off with a scream when she noticed Jason emerge into the clearing.

"Get down!" Rob yelled.

With that, he pushed Jenny to the ground and pulled the pin out of the grenade.

His accuracy was surprisingly dead-on, and it seemed as though the grenade was being guided by some unknown force.

It landed directly underneath Jason, and Jason froze and looked down only a second before it exploded with a large "kaboom" that pierced the silent night air once again.

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