Tyrone stood tall, meeting Jason's glare.

It felt like an old western movie. The bad guy and the good guy meeting at sundown, each waiting for the other to make the first move.

Tyrone glanced down at Kisha's body, then over at Jordan's, and he didn't have to see Drake’s body to realize that he was probably dead as well.

He still thought he heard Rob yelling at him in the distance, but nothing really seemed to matter anymore.

All that mattered was that his friends were dead and he was staring face-to-face with the fucker that killed them.

Finally, Jason made the first move, and Tyrone lost it.

He unloaded his M-16 directly into Jason's chest, but to his surprise, every bullet just went straight through his body as if he were shooting at a piece of paper or something.

The bullets barely phased Jason, not slowing him down one bit.

Tyrone kept firing though, and as bullets flew through Jason's arms, chest and legs, things seemed to move in slow motion.

He even thought he could see the bullets flying through the air as Jason crept ever so closer to him.

Jason made it to about five feet away, when Tyrone squeezed the trigger, but no round came flying out.

The only sound that was made was the sound of the "click" that hollowed through his mind like a freight train.

He was out of bullets.

He was close enough to Jason now to realize that he was carrying a large cleaver in his right hand.

Jason raised the cleaver and brought it down, but Tyrone caught his arm, and, with all his might, struggled to push Jason's arm away.

Jason was stronger than he thought. Usually, he would of broken any ordinary guy’s arm by now, but the cleaver was still inches from his face, and slowly began to move downward.

In a last ditch effort, Tyrone managed to kick Jason's bony kneecap and knocked him off balance, and in the same swift motion, he nailed him with a head-butt, which seemed to daze him more than it did Jason.

The move was still successful though, because Jason was knocked off balance and stopped his downward motion with the cleaver, freeing Tyrone's hands.

He scrambled to get distance between the two, but fell over a root sticking out of the ground.

In the meantime, Jason caught his balance and was standing over Tyrone ready to strike, when out of nowhere, Rob came flying through the air, his long hunting knife drawn, and tackled Jason to the ground.

"You son of a bitch! DIE!" Rob screamed as he repeatedly stabbed him with his blade.

Jason and Rob wrestled around on the ground, with Rob trying frantically to stab him as much as he could.

However, Jason got the upper hand and threw Rob off of him, smacking him up against a tree.

Rob's head made a sickening thump as it bounced off the large oak tree, sending him crashing to the ground in a heap.

Jason was now ready to deliver the final blow that would end the menacing Goldwater family.

As he stood over Rob, Tyrone returned the favor, as he dove at Jason's knees, sending him sprawling to the ground, and the cleaver flying free from his hand.

Tyrone now had his bayonet drawn, and he took Rob's place as he stabbed Jason repeatedly in the back of his head.

Jason growled in pain, and Tyrone smiled a sick, twisted smile, feeling greatly relieved that he was finally inflicting some pain on this monster.

Jason grabbed Tyrone from behind, and lifted him in the air by his neck and threw him about five feet in the air. When he landed, he barely managed to miss stabbing himself with the bayonet.

Jason was on top of him in a second, kicking his rib cage and picking him up by the neck and throwing him again.

And again.

Jason went to pick him up again like a rag doll, when Tyrone kneed him in the groin, and Jason dropped Tyrone's bruised and battered body to his feet.

Tyrone did a barrel roll away from Jason, and reached into his ammo pouch and pulled out a grenade.

At the same time, however, Jason picked his cleaver back up from the ground.

A split second before Tyrone could pull the pin, Jason launched his cleaver into the air.

It narrowly missed Tyrone's head, but it connected perfectly with the wrist he held the grenade in, and stuck into the tree behind him.

Tyrone's entire right hand plopped off, and fell to the ground, with the grenade still in its palm.

Tyrone looked at his missing hand and screamed in agony as blood shot up from where his hand used to be.

As Tyrone stood still yelling and writhing in pain, he didn't even notice Jason take his cleaver back from the tree.

The last thing Tyrone heard was Rob, who finally came to after getting knocked out, screaming at him to duck.

A split second later, the cleaver connected with his left temple, and didn’t stop until it was dead center in his brain.

Tyrone fell face-first to the ground, landing on the handle of the cleaver as it made its way further into his bloodied face.

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