Rob, Tyrone, and Jenny were just about to walk onto the porch of cabin five, when the shots echoed through the air.

Jenny screamed, and Rob and Tyrone just looked at each other, both thinking the exact same thing.

Without saying a word, Tyrone took off toward the direction of the shots, taking his M-16 off of safe mode.

"Get inside and don't move!” Rob shouted as Jenny started to cry. “If we don't come back, get your ass to the hummer and get the hell out of here!”

"No, no! I can't," she sobbed through the tears.

"Do it now!" Rob yelled back at her, and without waiting for a response, took off after Tyrone.

Jenny, still hysterical, managed to make it inside the cabin. When she opened the door, she let out a blood-curdling scream, and barely managed to fight back vomiting.

The entire inside of the cabin was drenched in blood. All the walls, floor, and even the ceiling had blood dripping off of it.

On one side of the cabin lay an arm and a leg, with the other side containing the other arm and leg and Rebecca’s severed head.

"No!" Jenny screamed as she fell to her knees crying even harder as her makeup smeared down her face.

"Rob! Tyrone!" she yelled as she limped outside, into the semi-fresh air.

"She's dead! Oh my god she's dead!" Jenny yelled out into the night.

She waited and there was no response.

The wind had picked up greatly, and was now hounding outside, and the smoke from the land mines had pretty much cleared out. She noticed the overturned 4-Runner, then thought of the hummer.

'Fuck them,' she thought. 'I'm too young to die. They want to leave me, then I'm going to leave them too.'

With that, she took off back into the woods toward the parked hummer.


Tyrone arrived first and found no sign of the shooter. From the sound of the shots, he knew it had to have been Jordan, because Drake never carried a light fire arm.

Rob caught up to him moments later. "Find anything?" he asked, tightly gripping his hunting knife.

"Not a damn thing," Tyrone responded. "The shots had to have come from around here somewhere."

"Keep an eye out. Shots being fired could only mean one thing," Rob replied as he searched his surroundings.

"Jason's alive," they both said in unison.

Neither breathed a word again, and both were at their highest alert, knowing Jason was still in the area.

Then they head a mumbling sound coming from the other side of the brush.

Tyrone jumped over the brush and aimed his M-16 at the noise, just barely managing to miss Jordan lying there with his guts strewn everywhere.

Rob saw him next, and his heart sank to the ground, knowing he was responsible for bringing everyone along.

"It's okay, buddy, we're going to take care of you," Tyrone assured him.

Jordan had blood dripping from the corners of his mouth, and his skin was as pale as a ghost.

His entire body started to shake as he tried to grip Tyrone's hand.

"Shit, he's going into shock!" Tyrone said, worried.

Jordan shook more violently, but managed to utter a single word, "Jason," before he passed away.

Tyrone checked his pulse and found none. Then he closed Jordan's eyes and laid him gently on the ground.

"This son of a bitch is going to pay!" Tyrone roared through his gritting teeth.

"Let's get back to Jenny and the others, then get the hell out of here!” Rob yelled, struggling to speak over the intense wind. “We need more reinforcements.”

“I'm not leaving without Kisha!” Tyrone fired back.

Then, as if on cue, Kisha's body came crashing down from the tree above them, hung by a rope.

The blood from her torn apart stomach splashed on Tyrone's face, as if he were being smacked by it.

Tyrone was shocked and speechless. All he could do was just stare at her helpless body as it dangled from the tree upside down.

Then the rope let loose, and her body fell to Tyrone's feet, her dead eyes looking up at Tyrone angrily.

Tyrone fell into a daze, as he wanted to cry, scream, and shoot himself all at the same time.

However, his daze was broken by Rob, who shouted at him to run.

Tyrone turned around, and nearly 10 feet away stood Jason Voorhees, glaring at him through his one good eye, breathing heavily, ready to attack.

Ready to avenge his mother’s death.


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