Rob and Tyrone had just missed Jordan leaving the cabin only by a few minutes, and were making their way past cabin one trying to make it back to Rebecca as fast as possible.

"You know what, I'm starting to get a bad feeling that something's wrong here man," Tyrone whispered to Rob.

"Yeah, I got the same feeling,” Rob commented. “Let's go back and get Rebecca and she can stay with us out here. I wasn't using my head leaving her alone."

"I'm with you man, let's go get her," Tyrone replied.

They started to go back, when Rob noticed something weird about cabin one out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey, do you think it's weird that the door’s open on that cabin?" Rob asked, stopping Tyrone.

"Man, everything about this place is weird, but let's check it out anyway," Tyrone added.

With that, their return to cabin five and Rebecca was put off for a while longer, as they went to investigate cabin one.

Tyrone was the first one inside, armed with his M-16 on his shoulder, ready to shoot.

Rob followed him in and noticed Jenny in the corner right away.

"Hey, it's okay man, we finally found somebody else," Rob said, motioning to Tyrone that they found Jenny.

Rob gently woke her up, and when she opened up her eyes, she gasped and jumped up, looking around.

"It's okay, it's okay," Rob said as he held her. "You're safe."

Jenny just looked at Rob and felt relieved as she hugged him, noticing Tyrone standing next to them.

"Jordan, where's Jordan?" Jenny frantically asked, realizing that Jordan was no longer with her.

"Jordan was here with you?" Tyrone asked.

"Yes, he saved my life from the explosion and carried me here," Jenny explained.

"Okay, he should still be around here somewhere," Rob reassured her. "So let's get moving and search for him and the others."

Rob helped Jenny to her feet and the three of them set out back into the cold, smoky night air to resume their search.


Jordan moved silently to what he hoped was cabin five, but in all the smoke, he lost his way and could only imagine where he was headed.

In fact, Jordan was headed in the right direction, and he barely missed slipping in the mini crater that both Rob and Tyrone had fell into a short time before and was now walking straight toward cabin five.

He saw a cabin in the distance, and thinking it had to be cabin five, jogged toward it, hoping to find everyone gathered there.

But, much to his dismay, as he got there, he saw that no one was there.

"Son of a bitch! What the hell happened?" Jordan cursed as he kicked the only bunk in the room.

He sat down on the metal springs and thought about what his next move should be. He was trained to make split-second decisions, so this was nothing new to him. He decided to make a quick sweep of the area around him, and hopefully run into someone, then high-tail it back to Jenny.

As he stood up, Jordan thought he heard a loud clang from somewhere outside the cabin. Something that sounded like a bunch of metal falling to the ground or something. He thought nothing of it as he walked outside onto the porch, still in deep thought of the possible whereabouts of his comrades.

He stood there for a few minutes, trying to figure out which way would lead him back to the cabin one.

When he finally made up his mind, he noticed out of the corner of his eye another cabin directly to his left facing the opposite direction than this cabin was.

He looked back at the cabin he was in and noticed a small number 6 carved in the door behind him.

'Shit, this is cabin six,' Jordan thought, not knowing whether to feel relieved or worried. That loud metal clang seemed to come from the direction of cabin five.

He took his pistol out of its holster and slowly started to sneak toward cabin five.

Before he could take two steps, the door opened, and Jason Voorhees walked out.

Jordan's heart was now racing 100 miles-per-hour as his moment of glory was upon him.

'It looks like Jason didn't even get a damn scratch on him from that explosion. That's fucking impossible,' Jordan thought as he watched Jason's every move like a hawk watches its prey.

He watched Jason for awhile, pondering whether or not to open fire, before opting not to.

'I have to find Rob and tell him Jason's still alive, there ain't shit this little pistol’s going to do against him anyway if four land mines don't even make a dent,' Jordan thought as he watched Jason walk toward cabin four.

Jordan took a step backward, but a twig snapped under his weight and Jason turned sharply around toward the noise.

'Oh shit,' Jordan almost said aloud as Jason made his way toward the noise. 'Well, it's time to get hot,' Jordan mumbled as he quickly hid himself from view behind a bush.

When Jason came into view, Jordan remained completely still, studying Jason's every move.

Jordan waited until he had a clear head shot and slowly raised his nine millimeter.

Jordan opened fire as soon as Jason had his back to him, unloading an entire clip directly into the back of his head.

Jason groaned and grabbed the back of his head, then suddenly fell to the ground face first.

Jordan was overwhelmed with excitement, as he did what no other man could do.

He killed Jason Voorhees.

Something didn't seem right though. He had never heard much about Jason and the whole Crystal Lake legend, but he did remember something about how Jason kept coming back from the dead.

He didn't want to find out. He quickly loaded a new clip into his pistol, and went to fire another round into Jason's skull, hoping the gunshots would attract the rest of his friends.

Before he had the opportunity to fire again, Jason suddenly sat upright.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion after that, as Jason knocked the gun out of his hand, and with one fluid motion, slashed a knife across Jordan’s stomach.

Jordan, still in shock, just stared at his stomach as Jason reached in and yanked out his intestine.

Jordan became faint as he just watched his intestine, which seemed to be never-ending, was pulled out of his stomach.

His last thought before he died was his favorite magic trick, The Never-Ending Rope Trick. Ah, yes. The trick where the rope being pulled from his sleeve never seemed to end. He just realized the irony of it all- his favorite trick was now being performed on him. Only, instead of the never-ending rope, it was his never-ending intestines.

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