Rebecca sat silent in the corner of cabin five, waiting for Rob or anyone else to return with good news.

She prayed that this was finally over, and that everyone was ok, but somewhere deep down inside, she had a bad feeling that things were just beginning.

It was really dark inside the cabin, and she could barely see the other side. There were a few bare bunk beds and a couple of end tables, but that was about it. The rest of it was warped, rotted wood that smelled worse than it appeared.

She wondered if anyone else had ever died here in this cabin, but then forced that bad thought out of her mind and focused on her gymnastics to take her mind off things.

Whenever Rebecca was scared, nervous, or lonely, she usually focused on her gymnastics to calm her down.

It seemed to work every other time, but this time, however, was different. She thought about performing in the Olympics in front of thousands of fans, but then suddenly all the fans were wearing white hockey masks, and she was no longer on the foam mat, but on the leafy ground of Crystal Lake, surrounded by creepy cabins and thousands of fans in masks trying to kill her.

She was dodging them all by doing cartwheels and back-flips to avoid their swings, and as she went on, more and more of the evil fans began to disappear, but then she landed wrong on a back-flip, and landed right onto…

"Ahh" Rebecca screamed as she awoke from her nightmare.

She looked around for a moment, then remembered where she was. She was still in this damned cabin, and still all alone.

With a sigh, she put her headphones back on and started listening to Green Day, but when the song “Brain Stew” came on, she quickly turned it off, as she remembered seeing that poor security guard’s brain lying on the ground earlier in the day.

Nervous and impatient, she got up and paced back and forth throughout the cabin. How long had she been sleeping? 1 minute? 1 hour? 1 year? Either way, it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that she was still alone in one of the main cabins and there may or may not be a killer still on the loose.

Then she thought that, 'What if Jason was still alive? What if he managed to kill all of my friends while I was in here taking a snooze? That means I'm a sitting duck for sure.’

Another minute passed, but it seemed more like an hour. Rebecca couldn't take it anymore. She went to go open the door, but stopped dead in her tracks.

Because standing on the porch directly in front of her was Jason Voorhees, breathing heavily through his mask and staring directly in the little window on the door.

Rebecca's instincts took over, as she dove to the far dark side of the cabin and hid under one of the bunk beds.

The door then slowly creaked open, and Rebecca saw Jason's black boots in the cabin, and then the door closed behind him and everything went dark again.

'Please God…what am I going to do?' she thought in her head as tears began to run down her cheeks.

'If I can only manage to avoid him until Rob gets back, he'll save me,' she decided.

Jason walked to the opposite side of the cabin first. Each time his foot came down, the sound sent a bolt of fear directly to Rebecca's brain.

She could see more of him now, and she now noticed that he was carrying an ax in one hand, and with the other, he threw the bunk aside, looking for her in all corners.

She heard him grunt when he couldn't find her, and then saw him making his way toward where she hid.

Every muscle in Rebecca's body became as stiff as a board. She even stopped breathing and blinking as Jason slowly moved closer and closer to her.

Jason was now right beside her, and he knocked over the nightstand and attempted to tip the bunk, but Rebecca shot out in between his legs, and as she was sliding across the floor, she brought her right foot up and connected with Jason's groin.

Jason howled furiously as Rebecca sprinted to the other side of the cabin to increase her distance away from him.

"Come on Rob hurry the fuck up!" she yelled to herself.

Jason gripped the ax with both hands now, as he moved toward her quickly. He swung the ax like a baseball bat at her head, but Rebecca was too fast for him. Before he could swing again, she managed to somersault under the swing, and spring to safety on the opposite side.

Jason now seemed as furious as ever as he made his way toward her once again. But, before Jason could even get close, Rebecca did a hand stand, sprung from her hands, and kicked Jason directly in the chest with both feet, sending Jason sprawling backwards, almost knocking him over.

Jason stood still this time, gripping his ax tightly and breathing heavily through his mask, waiting for her to make the next move.

'Okay, I'm going to try this again, and try and knock him on his ass and then make a run for it out the door screaming my head off,' Rebecca decided as she went down in the handstand once again.

However, just as her hands touched the ground, Jason moved in for the kill. He brought the ax down directly in between her legs, and, before she could go any further, split her in two.

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