The smoke had finally started to clear up, but not completely.

Tyrone still struggled to see where he was going, and he stumbled over fallen debris from the mines more than once.

He took out his flashlight, but that only made things worse, so he put it away and decided to continue on his present path.

According to his compass, he figured he was somewhere in the middle of the horseshoe of cabins because he could see the thin outline of the other cabins all around him.

Then, all of a sudden, he fell face-first into what could of only been the crater where the tent and mines once stood.

Shit, he thought to himself. Jason's body could of flown anywhere in this explosion.

Then, off in the distance, he heard a voice calling to him.

Rob! He knew it had to have been him. Thank God he's okay.

"Rob, Is that you dog?" Tyrone called back.

"Tyrone? Tyrone, is that you? Where are you?" Rob answered back.

"I’m lying in a big ass hole in the ground,” Tyrone responded. “Keep walking straight ahead, you shouldn't miss it.”

But, just as soon as he said that, he heard Rob trip and fall in, and land next to him.

"How you holding up?" Tyrone asked as he stood up, giving Rob a hand as well.

"I've been better. Any sign of Jason?" he asked.

"No, we won’t be able to find anything in this damn smoke, and judging by the size of this crater, he’s probably on the other side of the county in bits and pieces," Tyrone replied as he climbed out of the hole.

"I sure as hell hope so,” Rob stated. “But we got to act as if he is still alive somewhere out here. He wasn't as close to the mines as I hoped, and we can’t get too lax. We need to round up the rest of the group and meet back at cabin five.”

“Rebecca is there waiting for us, and I don't want her to have to wait to long,” Rob continued as he crawled out of the crater. “We can hold the fort there until this smoke clears, or until daylight, whichever comes first."

"Okay, sounds like a good plan, but it's easier said than done," Tyrone replied, looking around. "Should we split up to cover the area quicker?"

"No, let's just stay together. I don't want to split up and find everyone and then not be able to find you again, and vice-versa," Rob answered. "Did you see anything before the explosion? I just remember bits and pieces."

”Well, I remember seeing Jordan come and grab Jenny and carry her that way, I think," Tyrone explained pointing off to the north. "I'm pretty sure Alicia and C.J. came out of the cabin and went over toward Drake somewhere, so I'm guessing they could be in that area."

"Okay, let's just make a complete circle around. Hopefully everyone is alright, and we can get back to cabin five as soon as possible," Rob said as they began to search for the rest of their friends.


Meanwhile, inside cabin one, Jordan kept working on his earpiece, trying to get someone to respond, but, when he got nothing but static, gave up and threw it against the wall.

He opened the chamber of his nine-millimeter and checked the rounds, but then realized he never even fired a shot.

Jenny had somehow managed to fall asleep laying on his lap, but Jordan gently lifted her head and set her on the ground gently.

It's good that she's sleeping, he thought to himself. This way, she won’t be able to object to me going out and rounding up everyone and bringing them back here.

He knew she would be safe there. He saw Jason and knew that their plan had worked, and when he opened up the door and noticed Kisha's 4-Runner upside down, it only strengthened his opinion that Jason was blown straight to hell.

As he slowly stepped outside, he glanced back one more time to make sure Jenny was still sleeping, then set out to fulfill his duty.

If he had men wounded out there somewhere, it was his job to bring them back home and out of danger.

With that, he set out into the smoke, not knowing the great danger that still lurked.

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