"Eagle one, eagle two, report," Jordan whispered into his earpiece.

"Nothing, not one damn sound. Anything on the lake front?" Tyrone replied.

"Nothing but a few ripples in the water," Jordan answered as he peered out into the lake.

"How about you, groundhog?" Jordan asked.

"Nothing,” Rob replied. “No noise except for the girls in the cabin are getting restless…or should I say Jenny getting restless."

Rob shook his head in disapproval of Jenny’s actions, but then Drake broke the silence.

"Hey, hey, hey, hold on I see something moving on the other side…I can't make it out though,” Drake radioed in.

"Okay,” Jordan ordered. “Remain calm and don't fire unless you have to. Everybody else keep quiet."

Drake raised his M-16 to his eye and focused on the object moving around the edge of the forest.

Breathing heavy and with sweaty palms, Drake knew this would be the closest thing he would get to an actual combat mission, and he was both excited and nervous at the same time.

The figure began to move closer to the opening, and Drake squinted his eyes to attempt to make out what the figure was. He wanted to be able warn everyone if it was Jason.

Just then the figure emerged, followed by another figure, and another. Before Drake was able to make anything out, Rob radioed in: "False alarm boys, it’s just some deer.”

Drake let out a huge sigh of relief, and realized he hadn't taken a breath since he saw the shadow.

The three deer were walking single-file, one behind the other, headed straight for the tent.

“Shit!” Drake thought to himself. “There's a bag of opened chips laying outside the tent to make it look more believable! Those damn deer are headed right for it.”

"Um, Houston we have a problem!" Drake radioed.

"I see it buddy,” Tyrone replied. “What are we going to do?"

"What's going on?” Jordan asked, feeling left out in the cold. “What is it?"

"Well you know that bag of chips we left outside the tent?" Drake asked.

"Oh no," Jordan replied, even before Drake could explain the situation.

"The deer are headed right for it," Drake responded.

"Hey, we're running out of time!” Rob impatiently stated. “Those bitches are getting close to the wire!"

"Want me to shoot them?" Drake asked.

"No!” Rob responded. “Jason would hear the shots! We have to scare them away somehow without drawing attention to ourselves."

"I can climb down and scare them away, then climb back up really fast," Tyrone offered.

"No,” Rob replied. “We can’t risk that. I got an idea, everyone stand fast."

"Hey, hey, anyone up there hear me?" Rob whispered up, tapping the wood above him.

After a few long, drawn out seconds, C.J. finally responded.

"Yeah, we hear you, what's going on?" he asked nervously.

"We got deer out here, and they are trying to get into the bag of chips we left out,” Rob explained quickly. “I need someone to come out here right away and scare them away, as quietly as possible, and pick up that damn bag and get back in the cabin as fast as possible.”

He heard C.J. explain the problem to the others above, and then the door opened and Jenny was outside.

She looked down at Rob through the boards and waved with a smile. Then she walked toward the deer, whispering “shoo, shoo.”

The deer, frightened by Jenny, jaunted off into the woods.

Jenny then bent over, intentionally pointing her ass toward Rob, and slowly picked up the chips, being extremely careful not to touch the wire.

Grabbing the bag, she got up, and was shocked to see the masked figure of Jason Voorhees standing on the edge of the woods, machete in hand, staring directly at her.

She dropped the bag of chips, just barely missing the wire, and screamed at the top of her lungs.

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