Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3 Months Later

Rob took a long last drag from cigarette as he viciously snuffed it out in his ashtray. He took a final look at the newspaper article he had in his hand before letting out scream of fury, and wrinkling up the paper and throwing it against the wall.

The article had been an old clipping from a paper his mother had sent to him three months ago:

CRYSTAL LAKE- Krista Goldwater, one of the last survivors of Jason Voorhees, was found dead at the Holiday Inn Wednesday in her hotel room. Goldwater, along with fellow model Tiffany Taylor, were in town doing a photo shoot for Playboy’s upcoming Valentine’s Day special.

They were found by their limousine driver, Eddie Cassels, who was worried when they didn’t show up on-time at the door. “I came to their door, and it was open,” Cassels said. “When I walked inside, I saw this crazed man scrubbing the floor mumbling some jitterish that I couldn’t understand. When I approached him, he got up screaming, and that’s when I saw the bodies. Then I ran out of the room screaming to call the police.”

Crystal Lake police chief Steve Fitzsimmons claimed that there was no possible way of the murders being linked to Jason Voorhees, and that an arrest had been made earlier this morning.

Norman Bailey, 45, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Bailey, who worked at the hotel as a maintenance worker, has had a history of psychological disorders. The hotel manager had no comment.

Despite pleas from City Hall, the townspeople are fleeing en masse. Most are scared to leave their house, fearing that Jason Voorhees was back once again to kill. Mayor Joseph Quincy has urged the people to stay calm and not to get caught up in the hype.

“These murders are by no means related to Jason Voorhees,” Quincy said. “We have apprehended the man responsible and he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There’s no reason to be alarmed. Crystal Lake is as safe today as it was yesterday.”

To help with the public morale, Chief Fitzsimmons ordered two guards to be posted at the old Camp Crystal Lake for security measures.

Rob Goldwater, a 27-year-old survivalist and wrestling star, stared down at a picture of his younger sisters, Nikki and Krista. A tear rolled down his eye as he gently caressed the picture. Suddenly, his fury got the best of him, as he stood up and flipped over the table. He then pulled out a long hunting knife from his belt and repeatedly stabbed his old, beat up, kitchen table. “No! I’ll kill you, you bastard!” Rob yelled as he sliced the table more.

“Oh shit, not again,” said the voice of Drake Henderson, Rob’s roommate in downtown Philly.

Drake quickly put Rob in a full-nelson headlock and pulled him away from the table.

“Easy man, easy, it’s ok, it’s ok,” Drake said soothingly.

After a few minutes, Rob calmed down and stopped fighting to break Drake’s hold.

Drake was only 22, but still strong as on ox. With blond hair in a military style haircut, he got more butt than ashtrays. He joined the Army to get college money, but ironically, he never bothered going to college. Instead, he became a combat engineer in the Army. Drake and Rob grew up together in Boston, but decided to move to Philly a few years ago.

Drake knew without asking what Rob’s problem was. Ever since he lost both of his sisters, Rob has been totally out of control. Either he was attacking some of their scarce furniture or he was out firing his guns at the local sportsmen’s club. The truth is, Drake hasn’t really been the same either since Nikki died. Back in Boston, they dated in high school, and he even lost his virginity to her on Prom night. Of course, if Rob knew that, he would of kicked his ass.

Rob had always been over-protective of both his sisters, and now that they’re both dead, Rob feels he let them down, and that he should have been there to protect them, like he had been all their life.

“Holy shit, man, do you know what time it is?” asked Drake, who finally recognized how late it was, and that Rob had gotten him out of bed.

“I broke my watch,” Rob replied dully as he walked over to the window and looked outside.

Drake noticed Rob’s busted Timex watch on the floor and said, “It’s past 2 in the morning man. You need to time out your tantrums to fit my schedule better,” Drake joked.

“Like you were sleeping anyway,” Rob replied as he put his hunting knife back in its holster.

Then, as if on-cue, a beautiful bleach-blonde woman came walking out of Drake’s room in a robe.

“Is everything ok?” asked Alicia Chervet, Drake’s new girlfriend. Alicia, 20, was one of his best friends. She was an all-A scholar and accomplished figure skater, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

“Yeah baby, it’s ok,” Drake assured her. “Go back to bed, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Alicia just threw her hands in the air in disgust. “I don’t even know why the hell I bother,” she mumbled as she made her way back to the bedroom.

“You know what tomorrow is?” Rob asked Drake.

“Dude, I don’t even know what month it is,” Drake replied, rubbing his eyes. “Oh shit, I remember now, it’s your birthday right? Happy Birthday, man!”

“It ain’t my birthday, dumbass! Look at the fucking calendar,” Rob replied, motioning to the Playmate calendar hanging on the closet door.

It was the month of May, and the second thing Drake noticed after the tits of Ms. May was a huge red circle around the 13th. Friday the 13th.

Drake, still dumbfounded, only looked to Rob for further explanation.

“It’s the first Friday the 13th since Krista’s death. And you know what that means right?” asked Rob as if it were obvious.

“It’s the day that rent is due right?” Drake answered, “Cause you might have to cover me again until I get my Army bonus.”

Rob didn’t say a word. He just looked at Drake as he slowly took out his hunting knife from his belt and looked at it in awe.

“No, it’s the day I get my revenge,” Rob slyly grinned as he threw his knife straight through the eyehole of a replica hockey mask pinned up on the dartboard.

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