1. The prologue takes place at the Wessex County Medical Center, similar to opening of Part 4.

2. Also similar is how they wheeled in the bodies to the morgue and had to sign for them like in Part 4.

3. Rob being accused of the murders is similar to how Sheriff Garris accused Tommy in Part 6.

4. In Chapter 1, Carrie says "there's no such things as ghosts." That's similar to Part 1, where Annie says "I ain't afraid of ghosts."

5. In Chapter 4, Kevin's cab passes the green and white road sign similar to the one in Jason Goes To Hell. Later, in Chapter 5, the group passes it as well.

6. Rob yanking out his IV and crashing through the window in Chapter 5 is similar to what Tommy did at the end of Part 5.

7. The group arriving in a van is similar to the group arriving in Chris' van in Part 3.

8. In Chapter 6, Mayor Quincy badgers Police Chief Warren just like the Mayor did to Sheriff Tucker in Part 5.

9. The Eternal Peace Cemetery used in our novel is the same from Part 6.

10. Maw, Paw, and Jarrett Jefferson's characters are an homage to the characters Ma, Pa, and Big Red from the Eric Morse novel 'Jason's Curse'.

11. Maw's death (hung from light socket) was similar to Sarah's death in 'Halloween: H20'.

12. Jack Jefferson's death with a garden claw was similar to Rob's death in Part 4.

13. In Chapter 7, the group goes to a diner to eat. That diner happens to be the former Joey B's, from 'Jason Goes To Hell'.

14. At the end of Chapter 7, Gabriel calls them "dumb kids" just like Enos did in Part 1.

15. Much of Chapter 9 takes place in a barn, similar to the barn from both Part 3 and Part 5.

16. In Chapter 9, Jason darts in front of the officers' car, causing them to crash. That's similar to Part 2, when Jason ran across the road in front of the police officer.

17. Officer Rodriguez's pitchfork death was similar to Fox's death in Part 3.

18. Officer Morton's hammer claw death was similar to cop's death in Jason's shack in Part 2.

19. In Chapter 11, Rob and Kevin say they are going to "get that bastard" and "kill Jason Voorhees", just like Creighton Duke said in 'Jason Goes To Hell'.

20. Also in that chapter, they say they are going to "get that f*cker." That's similar to 'Jason X', where the grunt says, "Let's smoke this f*cker!"

21. Mandy's death in Chapter 10 is similar to when Jason stuck a pitchfork down through the car trying to get Ginny in Part 2.

22. George and Mayor Quincy's car trouble in Chapter 13 is similar to Vinny and Pete from Part 5.

23. In Chapter 13, George notices a shiny object and then Jason, just like Condor in Jason X.

24. In Chapter 14 and throughout, Carrie's filming of herself is similar to both 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Halloween: Resurrection'.

25. In Chapter 17, the group parties down at the lake, was similar to the skinny-dipping romp the group had in Part 4.

26. Louie's death being thrown against a tree was similar to Burt's death in Part 6.

27. There is police dialogue similar to Part 6 in Chapter 18. Among the phrases used are "description or plates?" and "how should we proceed?"

28. Patty's death on the archery range is similar to Brenda's death in Part 1.

29. In Chapter 20, police clean up the crime scene and take the bodies away just like in Part 6.

30. Also in that chapter, Chief Warren asks, "What's the count?", similar to the ending of 'Halloween II'.

31. At the end of the chapter, the police yells out "over here!" just like Deputy Rick yells to Sheriff Garris when he finds the body of Roy strewn in the woods in Part 6.

32. Also in that chapter, Chief Warren mumbles, "We are in serious trouble". That is similar to the 1999 re-make of 'The Mummy', where Brendan Fraser says the same line once the Mummy is released.

33. Jay and Melody run away from the group just like Jeff and Sandra did, and find the Counselor Training house from Part 2. It's basically the reverse of what Jeff and Sandra did, as they went from the house to the camp. Jay and Melody went from the camp to the house.

34. Their deaths are also similar, but more gory this time around.

35. In Chapter 21, Slax takes a "J-break" just like Freeburg in 'Freddy vs. Jason'.

36. In Chapter 22, Patty's body comes crashing down from a tree above, similar to Maddy's body falling down near Tina in Part 7.

37. In Chapter 22, when Jamal comes back, he says "I gotta settle the score," just like Ali says in Part 3 when they are draining the gas out of Chris' van.

38. Also in Chapter 22, Jason launches a switchblade at Carrie, narrowly missing as it strikes the cabin wall. That's similar to Part 3, when Jason pulls a knife out of his leg and launches it at Chris, but it narrowly misses, striking the wall next to her.

39. In Chapter 24, the cops screech to a halt arriving at camp, just like in Part 6. There were 3 cops at camp, just like in Part 6.

40. Officer Strickland's death is similar to Officer Pappas' head-crushing death in Part 6.

41. Chief Warren asking the other officers to "report" was similar to when Sgt. Brodski asked the Grunts to report in 'Jason X'.

42. In Chapter 25, Chief Warren is asked again, "How do you want me to proceed?" just like in Part 6.

43. Rob and Jason's standoff in Chapter 26 is similar to Sheriff Garris and Jason's standoff at the end of Part 6.

44. In Chapter 27, Kevin and Carrie's conversation is similar to the one Tommy and Megan had in her car on the way to Crystal Lake. Kevin says they are going to return Jason to his "original resting place," and Carrie mumbles, "Crystal Lake." Tommy said the same thing to Megan, who replied, "Lake Forest Green."

45. Rob pounding Jason with a rock was similar to Sheriff Garris pummeling Jason with a rock right before he was broken in half in Part 6.

46. When Jason is blinded in Chapter 27 by the smoke grenade, he wildly begins to swing his machete at anything. That's similar to Michael Myers after he is shot in the eyes and blinded at the end of 'Halloween II'. After that, he swings his scalpel wildly trying to strike Laurie and Dr. Loomis.

47. Jamal coming back was similar to biker Ali returning to try to help at the end of Part 3.

48. Chief Warren fired his shotgun on Jason first, then his pistol, then yells "F*ck!" just like Sheriff Garris in Part 6.

49. A repeat similarity is Kevin and Jason's standoff at the end. That's similar both to Rob and Jason's standoff earlier in the novel, and to Sheriff Garris and Jason's standoff at the end of Part 6.

50. At the end of Chapter 28, Jason absorbs over 100 bullet wounds, just like he did when he was blown up at the beginning of Jason Goes To Hell.

51. Kevin using an X-Acto knife is another homage to the Eric Morse novels.

52. Kevin telling Carrie to get out "before it's too late" was similar to when Tommy told Megan the same thing in Part 6.

53. Jason comes crashing through the bushes to attack just like he did in Part 6 right before he killed Officer Pappas.

54. Kevin pummeling Jason with his bare hands was similar to Julius doing the same thing before he got his head knocked off in Part 8.

55. Jason having his mask cracked and his face exposed was similar to when Tina cracked his mask in Part 7, only this time, only half of his mask came off.

56. The hole in Jason's midsection is similar to when Alice did the same thing to Freddy in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master'.

57. The power line that gets shot open and plays a key part in the ending is the same power line that revived Jason in Part 8.

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