1. Krista's death in the prologue is similar to Alice's death in the beginning of Part 2.

2. Rob wanting revenge on Jason for killing a sibling is similar to Rob in The Final Chapter and Kelly Boone in Jason's Curse.

3. The group speeding up to get to camp is similar to the group in Return to Crystal Lake.

4. The group setting up a trap for Jason is similar to Kelly's plan in Jason's Curse.

5. Stephanie's death was similar to Dr. Crews' tree-trimming saw death in Part 7. Jason even shut off the saw in both cases to fool his prey.

6. Kisha reading "40 yards to the outhouse" is similar to Marcy in Part 1, who read the exact same lines.

7. Kisha's death is similar to Maddy's in Part 7, where Jason reached through the wood behind them.

8. Rob pushing away Jenny is similar to how Kelly pushed away Doug in Jason's Curse.

9. When Rob and the others find cabin five drenched in blood, that is similar to when Sheriff Garris found the cabin drenched in blood in Jason Lives.

10. Jason's death at the end is somewhat similar to Jason's death at the end of Jason Lives.

11. Rob hearing his sisters' voices is similar to how Kelly heard Boone's voice in Jason's Curse.

12. Jordan, Drake, and Tyrone were similar to the Marine grunts in Jason X.

13. Rob being unable to sleep is similar to how Kelly couldn't sleep in the beginning of Jason's Curse.

14. Kisha running away is similar to how Missy ran away in Road Trip.

15. Ryan and Stephanie having sex in a clearing in the woods is similar to Eddie and Tina in Part 5.

16. Rebecca's death is similar to Andy's death in Part 3.

17. Ryan's death is similar to Edna's death in Jason Goes To Hell (head slammed in car door).

18. Tony being strangled underwater is similar to how Jason tried to strangle Tommy and Megan at the end of Jason Lives.

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