1. In the Prologue, Tim is described as playing for the Carville Hornets' basketball team. That is the same high school the teens in "Road Trip" attended.

2. Crystal Point is mentioned throughout. It was originally mentioned in "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter," but also developed in "Road Trip" and "Return to Crystal Lake."

3. Room 213 (Krista's office in the Prologue) has significance. The 2 means it's our second novel, and the 13 means Friday the 13th, so i.e. 213, our second Friday the 13th novel.

4. In Chapter 1, the FBI Agents issue Krista a 44-Magnum handgun, the same her and Kevin used on Jason in "Return to Crystal Lake."

5. In Chapter 2, Tim shines his flashlight directly into Jason's face. This is similar to Part 3, when Chuck did the same thing in the basement of Higgins Haven.

6. Also in Chapter 2, Tim's dog Sparky runs away, similar to what Tommy's dog Gordon did in "Friday The 13th Part 4."

7. At the end of Chapter 2, Melissa gets dripped on by some blood in the cave. She says, "Where's that coming from?", which is the exact same thing Chris said in Part 3, when the water from the tub upstairs overflowed and dripped on her.

8. In Chapter 12, Agent Crowley says that they are in the middle of "Bumfuck, New York," which is similar to what was said in the movie "Con Air."

9. The road flare death in Chapter 13 is similar to the road flare death in "Friday The 13th Part 5."

10. When Ricky appears to Jade and Marcus in Chapter 14, he has a hole through his stomach. This is similar to "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4" when Alice burns a hole right through Freddy.

11. In Chapter 18, Jade says, “Ricky’s dead and Mr. Christy’s dead, and oh my god, poor Marcus." This is similar to what Alice told Mrs. Voorhees in the original "Friday The 13th": "She's dead, and he's dead, and oh my god, poor Bill."

12. The pilot's death in Chapter 19 is similar to Roy's in "Friday the 13th Part 6": Pieces of him are found strewn in the woods.

14. Jason throws a huge temper tantrum in Chapter 26 when he can't find Rico in the cabin. That is similar to when he threw a similar fit in the barn in "Friday the 13th Part 3."

15. Probably the most recognizable similarity was also in Chapter 26, when Rico pissed himself. We all know Ginny did that in "Friday the 13th Part 2."

16. Kevin and Jason have a standoff in Chapter 27, similar to when Sheriff Garris and Jason had a stand-off in "Friday the 13th Part 6."

17. At the end of Chapter 27, you hear "OPEN FIRE!" The same thing was yelled in Jason Goes To Hell, when FBI Agent Marcus led Jason into the clearing.

18. In Chapter 29, Kevin yells "Hey, Asshole!" Tommy yelled the exact same thing at the end of "Friday the 13th Part 6."

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