1. When Micki approaches the town of Crystal Lake, she passes the 'Crystal Lake: 10 Miles' sign, a reference to 'The New Blood' (1988).

2. The relationship between coroner Bob Carey and assistant coroner Phil Raman is similar to that of the coroner and assistant coroner in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993).

3. Following the 'Road Trip' massacre, the police found the infamous cave scrawling on Crystal Hill that read 'JASON' upside down.

4. The documentary group led by Carol Martinez is similar to 'The Blair Witch Project' (1999), and to the group led by Carrie Wilson in 'The Legacy' (2003).

5. The setting is eerily similar to 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993), and many of the elements remained the same, including the Voorhees House, Necronomicon, and the characters. Among the returners were Steven Freeman, Sheriff Landis (why?) and Creighton Duke.

6. There was also a reference to Joey B's Diner from 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993), in that it has been replaced by Big Kay Burger on the exact same site.

7. Steven and Micki refer to a case from the TV series where a mirrored compact caused love at first sight with whomever was caught by its reflection.

8. In his travels, the possessed Phil Raman is able to find the ax of Big Red from 'Jason's Curse' (1994).

9. Campers Bessie and Lilleth Nague were staying at the site of the disaster at Vince Fantana's Carnival, referenced from 'The Carnival' (1994).

10. While camping, Bessie and Lilleth refer to Freddy Krueger as being 'that guy in Springwood who killed all those kids'.

11. Carol and her documentary group refer to 'The Blair Witch Project' (1999), and talk about it being all fake.

12. When Morgana begins channeling spirits, she is able to bring out Crazy Ralph, Alice, and Pamela Voorhees, among others.

13. Later on, Morgana, convinced they were all going to die, states "We're all doomed", something similar to what Crazy Ralph infamously stated in the first two 'Friday' films.

14. When Steven finds his way to the Voorhees House, they discover the large bay window that he had tackled Jason through previously in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993), referring to the 'shabby patch job' done by the state police to fix it. They also found the shovel used by Steven in that first battle with Jason.

15. The cave-in of the floor of the Voorhees House is similar to what happened in 'Return To Crystal Lake' (1999).

16. Jason falling into the pit at the end of the novel is similar to the trap set in 'Jason's Curse' (1994).

17. Jason being engulfed in flames is similar to when Tina did the same thing to him in 'The New Blood' (1988).

18. Shawn was able to kick the machete straight through the possessed Phil, similar to when Jessica kicked the dagger the remaining way through Jason in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993).

19. The possessed Phil was taken to hell similar to how Jason originally was in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993).

20. Shawn yells "oh f*ck, oh f*ck", similar to what the officer yelled at the police station in 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993) when the possessed Robert Campbell went on his rampage there.

21. Pamela's spirit appearing to Jason is similar to 'Friday The 13th Part 2' (1981), when Ginny fooled Jason into thinking she was Pamela.

22. The author refers to Pamela's relationship with the Christy family and Cunningham family, stating that 'no one ever f*cked with the Cunninghams'. This is a reference to series creator Sean S. Cunningham.

23. Shawn realizing he is 'dead meat' is similar to 'Jason Lives' (1986), when the young campers thought they were 'dead meat...real dead meat'.

24. Roy Turner's experience with the Marines is similar to 'The Beginning Of The End' (2002), when a group of Marines sought to help their friend Rob Goldwater hunt and kill Jason.

25. Carol Martinez stating "I don't believe in him, so he can't hurt me" is an obvious reference to 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984), but why?

26. Steven stating "Ahab finally got his whale" in Chapter 32 is a reference to the classic novel 'Moby Dick'.

27. Jason using a tent spike is similar to when he used them in 'The New Blood' (1988).

28. Steven antagonizes Jason in Chapter 33, saying he got his "ass kicked by women and little boys", referring directly to Tommy Jarvis from 'The Final Chapter' (1984).

29. Steven yelling "oh f*ck!" is similar to 'Jason Goes To Hell' (1993), when he yelled it at several different points during the film.

30. There is a reference to Freddy Krueger and Jason's infamous battle with him in 'Freddy Vs. Jason' (2003) in Chapter 33.

31. There is a reference to 'Friday The 13th' (2009), where Micki sees the vision of Whitney holding the infamous locket out in front of Jason and telling him "it's time to stop".

32. There is a reference to 'Jason X' (2002), where Micki sees the vision of Uber-Jason after he is re-built with nano-technology.

33. Jason is submerged in Crystal Lake once again, similar to how he originally drowned in 1957, where Tommy Jarvis succeeded in suspending him in 'Jason Lives' (1986), and where Tina finished him off in 'The New Blood' (1988).

34. Dr. Wimmer retrieving Carol for Cunningham County General Hospital was the origin of his research on re-generation for the government cited in 'Jason X' (2002).

35. The inmates incarcerated at Cunningham County General Hospital included a who's who of 'Friday The 13th' survivors, namely Tommy Jarvis ('Friday' 4-6), Megan Garris ('Jason Lives'), Tina Shepard ('The New Blood'), Rennie McCulloch and Sean Robertson ('Jason Takes Manhattan'), Jessica and Stephanie Freeman ('Jason Goes To Hell'), Carly McDonnell ('Mother's Day'), and Summer Stone and Russ Johnson ('Road Trip').

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