1. When Maxi and crew are hanging out alongside the road in the beginning, Maxi fake hitchhikes to a truckdriver. He was described as being a heavyset driver who sneered at them. Hmmm, sounds like Enos from Part 1.

2. When Greg is introduced, it is described that he lost his parents a day after his 13th birthday. I wonder where that number came from?

3. It's ironic that they would even bring this carnival to Crystal Lake, with a population of only 287, like Tuck said in Jason's Curse. Don't you think Vince Fantana would go to a town with at least a 1,000 people, despite his bad reputation?

4. When Greg pulls up, he screeches his tires outside Maxi's room, similar to what Billy did in Part 5 when he went to pick-up Lana.

5. In Chapter 6, when Maxi paints her toenails black, that is sorta hinting at the bad luck they are going to run into.

6. Maxi, despite her "bad girl" attitude, turns out to be a goody goody at the end, but that was only cause of Greg. In the movies, all the "bad girls" usually got hacked up first. It was surprising that Maxi stuck around so long.

7. When Stump digs up the mask, he would have had to dig a deep hole, because Kelly buried it deep under there. The way Morse described it, Stump only dug a few feet.

8. Also pertaining to the mask, when Kelly filled in the hole, the trap's spikes were still there, so wouldn't Stump have uncovered them too?

9. As every 'Friday The 13th' story has its "Crazy Ralph", the one of 'The Carnival' was Madame Xaviera. As soon as she entered Cabin Five, she knew there was going to be trouble, so that could be why Vince Fantana got rid of her and made Selena run the booth, hoping for better business. Instead, he lost a lot of money--and his life.

10. If every ride malfunctioned even after Mitch got the mask, then how could they be operated if Mitch never fixed them?

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