1. Kelly seems like the total opposite of the person described in Mother's Day. This Kelly seems die hard, that nothing would stop her from killing Jason. In Mother's Day, she stayed home because she had a sore throat? I don't think so.

2. I wonder if Eric Morse was chewing Big Red gum when he thought of his character name?

3. When Kelly and company encounter Uncle Tuck, it is similar to when Chris stops her van along the road in Part 3 and they meet the stranger that warned them to stay away.

4. Uncle Tuck is the Crazy Ralph of Jason's Curse. Once again, there always seems to be someone trying to warn people to stay away from camp.

5. This book had actually nothing to do with the actual day of the week Friday the 13th. In fact, nothing is even mentioned about the day of the week except that it is one year later.

6. Kelly and Boone's description in the book does not match the artwork on the cover of the book.

7. I think Tina should not have been named Tina. There have been way too many girls named Tina in the F13 series, we didn't need another one. (Tina in Part 4, Tina in Part 5, Tina in Part 7)

8. I wonder where Eric Morse got Officer Donner's last name? Is it because Big Red kills him and "dons" the police outfit? Think about it.

9. On the subject of last names, I think I have a pretty good idea where Morse got Darlene's last name of Skinner. It is probably because Big Red skins her like a cat and spreads her body parts all over the cabin.

10. Eric Morse must have an obsession with shotguns. In Mother's Day, it was The Hunter. In Jason's Curse, it was with Big Red. How come Jason never used one in any of the movies?

11. Why did Morse have Big Red kill the children. Everyone knows that Jason never killed children, so why, Eric, why?

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