1. Kyle and Suzanne- Is it just me or are these two carbon copies of Chuck and Chili from Part 3?

2. Another similarity of Kyle and Suzanne is to that of Andy and Debbie in Part 3. They always hung around and all over each other.

3. Albert is the next one. He seems like a twin brother of Shelly.

4. Ned Varner. This guy has Norman Bates written all over him. Running a business by himself while his dead mother "lives" in the house on the hill? Come on, that was a dead giveaway to Psycho.

5. Ned Varner's description is the same as that of Enos, the truck driver of Part 1.

6. Another thing about Ned Varner is that he is the "Crazy Ralph" of Mother's Day. There always seems to be someone trying to warn people to stay away from camp.

7. It is kind of far-fetched that the actual day of the week Friday the 13th really had nothing to do with this book at all. In that aspect, it is similar to some of the movies.

8. Kyle's van is also similar to Chris' from Part 3. The only difference being that Kyle's is a hippie van.

9. Basically the book resembles Part 3. I wonder if Eric Morse (the author) liked Part 3 the most?

10. I wonder where Morse got Paul's last name, Sexton? Is it because he had sex a ton? Think about it...

11. On the subject of last names, where did Boone come from? I think it is from Daniel Boone, the great outdoorsman of the Old West. Since Boone is an outdoorsman, I think that's where the name came from.

12. Also dealing with last names, I think I know where Morse got the last name of the Perkins couple. Well, in the movie Psycho, the actor who played Norman Bates was named Anthony PERKINS. I think this is a semi-tribute to him and Psycho. Morse must have liked that movie a lot.

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