Six months after Jason Voorhees wreaked more havoc at Camp Crystal Lake-

The bark of a dog was heard very faintly at first, then louder as a large golden retriever ran out to fetch a Frisbee.

With a mighty leap, the retriever snagged it in between its teeth as its owner, Tim, and his girlfriend, Melissa, came running close behind.

"Good catch, Sparky," Tim yelled, hugging his dog for its good work.

Tim Rogers, 18, was tall and lanky, about 6 foot 2, barely 200 pounds. A member of the Carville Hornets' basketball team, he hoped to make it to the NBA one day.

Tim and Melissa were tired of the pressures of home and school, so they decided to venture for a weekend getaway in the woods, taking Tim's dog Sparky along for the ride.

They didn't count on the unusual early spring heat wave, however, as temperatures rocketed to the 80s for nearly the entire month of April.

"You are such a good boy, Sparky, yes you are," Melissa chimed in, coming over to Tim.

Melissa Flatley, 17, had been with Tim for over a year. A blonde bombshell of a cheerleader, Melissa was about 5 foot 7 with long, wavy hair and blue eyes. They met at one of Tim's basketball games, where Tim mistakenly dove on top of her trying to keep a ball in-bounds during a game.

The rest, they say, was history.

"Wow, Melissa, Sparky really took us a long way this time, didn't he?" Tim stated.

"Yeah, where the hell are we?" Melissa asked. "We are out in the middle of nowhere."

"Actually, I don't remember where we strayed from our tent," Tim replied, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "What was about an hour or two ago."

But before Melissa could comment, Tim stopped her, as his jaw dropped.

Directly before them was the massive cave at Crystal Point.

"Melissa, you know what that is?" Tim asked, excited.

"No, what is it?" Melissa replied.

"That's Crystal Point, it's gotta be," Tim said, even more upbeat.

"Crystal Point?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah, about six months ago, some college students came up here to party, and they claimed they saw HIM," Tim stated.

"Him?" Melissa asked.

"Jason Voorhees," Tim replied. "He supposedly killed all but two of them, and they said that Jason was still inside the cave to this very day."

"Personally, I think they got high on crack and being that this place is Crystal Lake, totally flipped out and wound up killing each other," Tim continued. "Because Jason is dead and buried."

Melissa didn't answer.

She just snuggled up closer to him.

"What's wrong?" Tim asked, "You aren't going to let a little legend scare you, now are you?"

"No," Melissa replied as she got a chill down her spine. "But this place is giving me the creeps. Let's get out of here."

"Oh, come on, scaredy-cat," Tim replied, eager to go inside the cave. "Help me move this boulder."

Melissa gave Tim that "no way in hell" look, and left him to do it himself.

Tim only managed to move the boulder a few feet before giving up, but it was just enough to let the sunlight inside.

"Come on, Melissa," Tim said, practically begging her. "Couldn't we go inside? Look, the sun is giving us light, so it won't be dark. I wonder if Jason really is in there?"

"I don't want to know," Melissa replied, "Come on Sparky."

"Yeah, you're right," Tim replied, "It is probably going to be dark by the time we get back anyway."

So, they hiked away down the nearest trail on their way back to their tent, not noticing that Tim's wallet fell out of his pocket.

They also didn't know the terror that lurked deep inside that cave, for deep inside that cave was evil personified.

Deep inside that cave was Jason Voorhees, awakened in his arctic grave by the vast rays of sunlight that now almost completely lit that entire section of the cave.

Completely frozen in time, Jason, glaring out of his mask with his one good eye, was still very, very angry with those damn teenagers.

He cannot remember how those stupid kids got the better of him.

All he knew is that he must get out of there and have his revenge.

Just then, the ice around him began to melt, thanks to the 80-degree sunlight let in by Tim.

The unusual early spring heat wave had finally found its way deep into that raunchy cave.

Jason, still unable to move, slowly regained feeling in his limbs.

The ice around him then began to melt more.

Slowly, but surely.

Jason struggled to get free, but couldn't quite do it yet.

One thing was for sure.

He knew what he was going to do once he got out of there.

He was going to find those damn kids and destroy them.

He would have his revenge.


Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a huge investigation was launched by the FBI to look into the most recent massacre at Camp Blood.

Three of their top agents were assigned to the case, and their task was simply to find proof of Jason's existence or non-existence, and bring closure to the case once and for all.

Agents Jack Crowley, Kerry Kunkle and Marc Radisson were assigned to the case, and were determined to solve it, no matter what the cost.

Dressed in black trench coats, wearing black sunglasses and black dress shoes, the agents were en route to Crystal Lake to investigate the crime scene and go "undercover," although they would already stick out like a sore thumb up there.

Cruising along in two identical black 2001 Ford Crown Victorias and their sirens blaring, the agents suddenly halted in front of Wesson Modeling Agency in the middle of the D.C. business district.

The agents got out, with Crowley, the leader, whispering to Radisson: "Stay here and watch the exits. Kunkle and I are going in."

"10-4," Radisson responded, as phase one of their plan was in motion.

They broke in the front door of the agency, and immediately proceeded to pull out their guns and start to search.

"Do you know where SHE is?" Crowley asked, holding up a picture and pointing to someone in the picture.

No one answered, so they began to scour the entire place.

Finally, after the owner of the agency told them where to go, they were at their destination.

Room 213.

The nameplate on the door showed that they were successful in their search:


They were tracking down Krista.

They kicked the door in, but, to their surprise, the office was empty.

Then they saw the window open.

She had escaped!

"Radisson! She's escaped! And coming your way!" Crowley yelled into his walkie talkie.

"I got her," Radisson replied. "Running north on Sixth Street. I am on my way after her."

Soon after, Crowley and Kunkle joined Radisson, and the chase was on.

A half-block ahead, there she was.

Krista, as beautiful as ever, sprinting as if there were no tomorrow.

She no idea why they were after her, but she knew one thing.

She was not going to be captured.

She heard the sirens approaching, but didn't care.

She had to get away.

Just then, the chase gave her a flashback, reminding her of when she was being chased through the woods by Jason in that god-forbidden hellhole Crystal Lake.

Almost immediately, her thoughts shifted to Kevin, and how their relationship fell apart soon after they left Crystal Lake.

She felt bad about leaving him in Boston, but when this opportunity presented itself, she felt it would have been foolish to not accept it.

Knowing that she couldn't be in two places at the same time, she had no choice but to break it off with Kevin and move to D.C.

Since then, her modeling career really took off, as she adorned the covers of such magazines as Cosmopolitan and Jane.

This was it for her.

She really hit the big time.

And in only six months.

That had to be some kind of a record.

She even had her own office and had begun to counsel younger aspiring models.

Not bad, considering she only recently turned 20.

She wasn't happy though.

She really missed Kevin.

She still loved him, and wanted to go back to Boston in the worst way.

Krista really felt awful about the whole deal, but hoped that one day Kevin could forgive her and they could rekindle the love that she believed still existed deep down inside him.

She tried to call Kevin up there a few times, but he was never around to take the call.

Either that, or he simply did not want to talk to her.

Either way, she felt horrible.

She had heard that Kevin was a star goaltender once again for the Terriers, and that they had made it to the national championship.

She was happy that Kevin was able to move on in his life and get back to where he belongs-- in the spotlight.

In fact, she just tried calling Kevin on his cell phone, but he must have had it turned off, because it didn't go through.

She was going to try again, but that's when she heard the sirens.

She wasn't sure, but her gut feeling told her that they were coming for her.

So she took no chances and slipped out the window, hoping to get away.

Coming back to reality, she slipped into a back alley.

Then, realizing that there would be no Kevin there to rescue her this time, she was cornered by the FBI.

"I'm Agent Crowley, FBI," Crowley said, showing her his badge. "And they are Agents Kunkle and Radisson. We are gonna have to ask you to come with us," Crowley said, as they all drew their guns on her.

"What did I do?" Krista asked, raising her arms in the air.

"Get in the car, we'll explain on the way," Radisson added.

"On the way where?" Krista asked.

"To Crystal Lake," Kunkle said, shoving her into the backseat of the Crown Victoria.

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