“Jade, will you call Mr. Christy and tell him we are walking?” Ricky asked.

“Again? I’ve tried six times already, and he isn’t answering,” Jade replied. “Maybe he has it turned off or something.”

“Hey, calm down,” Marcus intervened. “He said that if we weren’t there by noon, he’d come out here to get us.”

“So?” Ricky glumly stated.

“Soooo, it’s almost 1,” Marcus answered. “He will probably pull up any minute now.”

“I hope you’re right,” Jade added. “These woods just give me the creeps.”

“Calm down,” Marcus continued. “Everything will be fine. I am sure we will run into him soon enough. Either that, or we will make it to camp first.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Ricky added. “Maybe he is punishing us or something.”

“It is a cruel and unusual punishment, given the circumstances,” Jade interjected.

“I agree,” Marcus responded. “But let’s not give up. We only have about 10 or 15 miles to go. If we hurry, we could probably be there in time for dinner.”

“I just hope we make it before we dehydrate,” Ricky stated, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“We’ll be fine,” Marcus stated.

“Yeah,” Jade added. “I hear there’s a kick-ass lake up there, so we will have plenty of water once we get there.”

Then, just as they continued on their way, they passed a sign along the road:


“What do you mean we’re stuck here until tonight?” Kevin yelled, grabbing the flight attendant by the collar.

“We’re sorry sir, but we were given strict orders to book you seven on the late night flight,” the male attendant replied. “And if you don’t get your hands off me, I am calling security.”

“Who gave you those orders?” Jake piped in.

“Um, Mr. Trent Davis,” the attendant answered.

“Oh yeah?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, sir,” the attendant responded.

“Well, those orders have changed,” Kevin yelled. “You’re giving us a private jet back to Boston, and you are giving it to us RIGHT NOW!”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the attendant stated. “But our airline doesn’t do that.”

“Well, find an airline that does, you fucking faggot!” Kevin sparked, shoving the attendant against the wall.

“Kev! Sit down!” Jake yelled, as it took him, Jarrod and Rico to pull Kevin back.

“Look buddy,” Jake stated. “My friend is frustrated that we missed the flight. All we want is a private flight back to Boston. We will pay whatever it takes.”

At that same time, pilot Dave Rogers happened to be walking by, so he decided to see what the commotion was all about.

“What’s the problem here?” Dave asked.

“These seven are being very rowdy, and I am calling security,” the attendant stated.

“Fuck You!” Kevin yelled from his seat, as he was restrained by the others.

“Come on, what is really going on here?” Dave asked.

“Actually, the seven of us are from Boston U., and we were here for the hockey championships,” Jake informed him.

“Oh yeah, I saw that,” Dave responded. “Congratulations. That Staley is one hell of a goalie.”

“Well, that’s him right there,” Jake stated.

“Oh really? Well, congratulations again,” Dave reiterated.

“Thanks,” was Kevin’s mellow, but still pissed off reply.

“Anyway,” Jake continued. “Our plane left without us this morning, and we have no way back to Boston until a late flight tonight. We need to be back there by tomorrow.”

“Really?” Dave questioned. “Well, I am from Pawtucket Island, right off the coast of Massachusetts.”

“Wow cool,” Jake answered. “What flight are you on?”

“Actually, I’m a pilot, and I am flying back to Boston right now,” Dave stated. “I am testing a new plane out for Boeing, the small 717 economy liner.”

“Really???” Jake asked as the pilot now had everyone’s attention.

“Yeah,” Dave replied. “And I heard you people had trouble getting to Boston? Why don’t you just come along with me? It’ll be private, not to mention cheaper.”

Everyone in the group looked at each other, gleaming with joy.

They knew this was their ticket home.

“It won’t be no trouble for you?” Jake asked.

“No, no trouble at all,” Dave answered. “We need passengers to test the plane anyway.”

“You got a deal!” Kevin yelled, as he sprang up from his seat to the cheers of the others. “Everyone, pool your money together. We’re going home!”

The pilot then collected everyone’s money and led them out the main door to the hangar, where the beautiful new Boeing 717 economy liner jet sat dormant.

Kevin, still angry with the flight attendants, made sure he gave them a “kind” gesture on his way out before joining the others.

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