“Kunkle! Hey, Kunkle!” Radisson piped over the walkie talkie.

“Yea,” Kunkle replied.

“We left you in the dust back there,” Radisson proudly stated, laughing as he looked over from his car.

Riding side-by-side on the interstate, they had practically turned the highway into a NASCAR road course.

“No you didn’t,” Kunkle responded. “You had a head start.”

“Bullshit,” Crowley chimed in. “We had you all the way.”

“That wasn’t fair!” Krista added. “I just woke up and you guys took off.”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles sweetheart,” Crowley said.

“Let’s get this straight right now,” Krista yelled. “I am not your sweetheart, nor will I ever be. I have a name, so let’s stick to that, you chauvinistic pig.”

“Hey, hey, calm down, I’m sorry,” Crowley said. “I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Good,” Krista replied. “Then you won’t mind pulling over one mile from the Massachusetts border and taking the wheel against me.”

“Ooooh, is that a challenge I hear? I’m liking this,” Radisson said.

“Not you, needle dick,” Krista yelled, obviously heated. “Old balls over there.”

“Old balls?” Crowley answered, surprised. “Just wait til we get to that border. I’ll show you what these old balls can do.”

“Bring it,” Kunkle added. “You’re going down!”

“Oh, you want some too, eh?” Radisson chimed in. “You’ll see, we are only five miles away now, you’re in trouble once we get there.”

“We’ll see you there,” Kunkle said, speeding off down the road.

“No, we’ll see you there,” Crowley said, speeding up to catch her.


“Damnit! Where the hell are they?” Allen Christy wondered as he sat on the porch of Cabin Five.

It was almost noon and those damn kids still hadn’t shown up.

Suddenly, he heard a twig snap off in the distance.

Looking up, Christy saw nothing, so he started to walk over toward his car.

He didn’t see it, but when the sun peeked through the clouds for a split second, it revealed the evil image of Jason Voorhees lurking behind the bushes. When Christy looked that way, however, he was gone.

Christy then heard another twig snap.

What the hell? Christy said to himself, as he immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction.


It was probably just a fucking deer or something, Christy thought.

Suddenly, Christy immediately sprang back around as his car engine mysteriously roared to life behind him.

“What the fuck?” Christy yelled, running over toward the engine.

“Jade?” Christy called out, thinking maybe the others had arrived. “Marcus? Ricky?”


Then he heard a noise over in the bushes again.

This time, Christy was determined to find out what was going on, so he shut off his engine and walked over toward the bushes.

He took a shovel and started to part the bushes, when…

A fox came barreling out from behind it, toward him.

“Holy shit!” Christy yelled, falling on his back, losing his glasses in the process.

The fox, which seemed to be just as spooked as Christy, wasted no time in leaving, as it took off up the opposite trail and out of sight.

“My glasses! Where are my glasses?” Christy yelled, crawling around on the ground hunting for them.

As he scrambled around, Jason emerged from the opposite side and started to walk toward him.

He was carrying a scythe.

Christy found his glasses, but not in time.

He looked up only in time to see Jason’s mask and the swing of the scythe.

Fortunately, Christy was low to the ground, and was able to roll out of the way, causing Jason to connect with a nearby tree.

“YOU!” Christy screamed. “It can’t be!”

“You fucking drowned!” He continued, as Jason pulled the scythe out of the tree and started to walk back toward him. “You fucking drowned!”

Christy then remembered his cell phone in the car.

It was a long shot, but maybe he could delay Jason long enough to dial 911.

Christy then got his shovel and nailed Jason in the head, knocking him to the ground, before taking off, full speed ahead, toward his car.

Undeterred, Jason quickly got back to his feet and picked up the scythe.

Christy got to his cell phone, and was just about to dial, when…

Jason, about 25 yards away from him, boomeranged the scythe into the air and nailed Christy in the arm.

Not only did it connect with Christy’s arm, but it totally amputated it, with the cell phone still in his hand as the arm hit the ground.

Christy writhed in pain as Jason came closer to finish him off.

“FUCK!” Christy yelled. “You son of a bitch! Burn in Hell!”

Somehow, Christy managed to get to his feet and started to run again.

Christy only got about 20 yards away when Jason picked up the scythe once again and heaved it in the same manner.

This time, the other arm came off.

“AHHH! GOD! Fuck you Voorhees! Fuck you and your cheap slut of a mother!” Christy yelled as he got to his feet again.

Jason, now growling, was eye-to-eye with him, and picked up the bloody scythe once again.

Then there was a brief standoff, as Jason glared at the armless Christy.

“You know what Jason?” Christy yelled in between the agonizing screams.

Jason stood there, tilting his head toward him, as if to say, What?

“You are nothing more than the bastard son of the fucking town tramp and one of her male whores,” Christy yelled, spitting blood out of his mouth. “You will never win. You might get me, but I promise you, someone will come along and send your ass back to Hell…For all eternity!”

Jason, breathing heavier through his mask, picked up the scythe once more and held it up to Christy’s face, taunting him with it.

Then he cut both of his legs off with one swipe.

Christy’s remaining body fell to the ground, as his life slowly slipped away.

Surprisingly, Jason was not done.

He grabbed Christy by the hair and stood up what was left of him, setting him up like a target or something.

Christy then looked up at him, and in his last act of life, uttered this to Jason: “See you in Hell, motherfucker.”

An instant later, Jason sliced his head clean off his shoulders.

Wow, Christy was right.

He was drawn and quartered, just like he said would happen if anyone found out they were out here.

And the wrong person DEFINITELY found out.

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