Later that morning, at Salt Lake City International Airport...

The entire Boston U. team was boarding their flight back to Boston, when Coach Trent Davis was approached by the stewardess as he took his seat.

“Mr. Davis?” the stewardess asked.

“Yes?” Coach replied.

“Seven of your group have not boarded yet, and we are running late,” the stewardess informed him.

“What? Shit!” Coach disappointingly stated, as if he knew who the seven were. “What do we do now?”

“Well, we can wait 10 minutes for them before we take off, or, when everyone is together, you can be transferred to the next flight back to Boston,” the stewardess informed him.

“When’s the next flight to Boston?” Coach asked.

“Not until 5 p.m.,” the stewardess stated.

“Damnit!” Coach yelled.

“We’re sorry, sir,” the stewardess replied.

“Well, it would take a half-hour at least to get back to the hotel, then another half-hour to come back here,” Coach stated. “So we will have to leave and charge another flight to the university for the other seven. Do you know who the seven are?”

“Yes, sir, we do,” the stewardess replied. “They are Staley, Morris, Guerrero, Adams, Adams, Harris and Walker.”

“It figures,” Coach responded. “Well, put them on the next flight and make sure they identify themselves before they board.”

“Okay, will do,” the stewardess replied, passing the message on to the flight attendant at the door, who relayed it to the main desk.

“Thank you for your trouble,” Coach finished, sitting back down in his seat. “I can assure you that they will be disciplined when we get back to Boston.”

“It’s no trouble, thank you,” the stewardess concluded, shutting the door to the plane.

Then, not even five minutes later, the huge Boeing 747 jumbo jet roared to life in the air, making Salt Lake City—and the others—a distant memory.


Meanwhile, back at the Salt Lake City Marriott…

The entire place was trashed.

It looked like a bomb went off inside there.

One thing’s for sure.

Boston U. would certainly be getting a huge cleaning bill in a few days.

Up in Room 323, Kevin and Cammie were sprawled out all over the bed.

As Kevin rolled over, however, he bumped the radio with his arm and sent it crashing to the floor, causing it to turn on and play Monster Magnet’s “Space Lord.”

Slowly coming to his senses, Kevin reached over and shut it off, but it was too late.

Their sleep was disturbed.

The stirring also woke Cammie, who was on top of him.

“Good morning baby,” Cammie said with a smile, as she kissed his forehead.

“Morning,” Kevin replied, moving up closer to kiss her on the lips.

Then they started to make out again, when they were disrupted by a hard knock at the door.

Neither one paid any attention to it, however, and kept on doing their thing.

After about five knocks, Kevin finally came to his senses.

“This better be good,” Kevin yelled, putting on his robe and going over to answer it.

“Okay, I’ll save you a seat,” Cammie replied with a smile, blowing him a kiss.

Kevin then opened the door, and it was Jake.

“Hey man, some party last night, eh?” Jake stated. “God I have such a headache.”

“What the hell do you want?” Kevin replied. “I am kind of busy right now.”

“Where is everybody?” Jake asked. “The entire place is trashed. No one is here.”

“No one?” Kevin answered.

“Well, I found Rico passed out in the game room, and Jarrod was with his sister down at the vending machine,” Jake stated. “He told me to see who else was around, and I’ve only found seven of us.”

“What’s the problem? The flight don’t leave til 10,” Kevin replied. “We got two hours.”

“Right,” Jake answered, looking at his watch. “SHIT! Wait a minute.”

“What?” Kevin questioned, sensing something was wrong.

“My watch broke last night at 8 p.m.,” Jake stated. “It’s the last thing I remember. Which means…”

“That it is not really 8 o’clock, is it?” Kevin figured out.

“Nope,” Jake replied. “It is really…11 o’clock!!!! FUCK!”

“SHIT!” Kevin yelled, grabbing Jake by the throat and slamming him into the wall. “We missed our fucking flight!”

“Hey, man, I’m sorry,” Jake said, “Can you please put me down?”

“How bout I just knock your ass out?!” Kevin yelled.

“What’s going on? Kevin, put him down! He didn’t do anything!” Cammie yelled, coming over in her robe.

“We missed our flight,” Kevin informed her.

“Great, now what do we do?” Cammie asked.

“All we can do now is get our own private jet,” Kevin responded. “Everyone will have to pool their money together though.”

“Okay,” Jake said with a cough, holding his throat. “I will tell the others. And Kev, you might want to lay off that weed and take a chill pill.”

Kevin said nothing.

He just gave him a dirty look and slammed the door in his face.

“Well, at least we have all of our stuff here, and they didn’t take it with them,” Cammie stated.

“I am so glad I am moving on from B.U.,” Kevin replied. “These guys make me sick anymore.”

“It is okay, calm down, you are just upset about the flight,” Cammie stated.

“Yeah, I guess you are right,” Kevin replied, “I should probably go apologize to Jake for fucking him up.”

“Yeah, you probably should, but you know what you need?” Cammie responded.

“What?” Kevin asked.

“A nice, hot shower,” she answered, winking at him.

Kevin then smiled and said, “I love how you think.”

Then they started to make out again, as Kevin picked Cammie up and carried her into the shower room and shut the door.

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