“Jake! Jake! Wake up!” Kevin muttered, dropping Jake down onto his bed.

Kevin had dragged him the whole way down the hall just to get him to bed and keep him out of trouble.

Michelle was not far behind, as she decided to stay with Jake all night to make sure everything was okay.

“He should be okay there for the night,” Kevin said.

“Thanks Kev,” Michelle said as she went and sat down on her bed.

“No problem,” Kevin said. “But, um, if there’s a problem, don’t come back to me tonight, because I will either be too wasted to help or too busy, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I see, okay, it’s all good,” Michelle said. “See ya in the morning, the plane leaves at 10.”

“Later,” Kevin said, mock-saluting her and making his way back down to the bar.

As Kevin opened the bar door, he couldn’t believe his eyes—Jarrod was on top of the bar dancing to the Village People’s “Macho Man,” swinging his shirt over his head.

Kevin almost fell down the four or five steps that led to the bar itself, partly because he was half-drunk and partly because he was laughing so hard.

“What the hell did you give him?” Kevin asked, as he sat down next to Rico.

“He Iced Tea,” was Rico’s half-drunken, half-Spanish reply.

“You gave him a Long Island Iced Tea?” Kevin asked the bartender.

“No, we gave him THREE Long Island Iced Teas,” the bartender piped in. “He said he could handle it.”

“Oh dear god!” Kevin yelled, as Jarrod started to do a striptease, ala Ned Braden in the movie “Slapshot.”

Immediately, Kevin jumped up and said, “Okay! That’s enough! Spare us! Put your fucking clothes back on for chrissake!”

So, Jarrod got down off of the bar and started to walk away until he saw Rico, who was totally plastered.

Just then, Jarrod told Rico that he had something “more of his pace,” and told Rico to take the floor as Jarrod popped two quarters in the jukebox.

Rico, more rowdy than usual, jumped up onto the bar and started to dance, as the Macarena blared out of the jukebox.

“OH FUCK NO!” Kevin yelled as he looked around the bar for Cammie.

“Rico, I am only gonna say this once…Get the fuck off that bar and turn that Ricky Martin bullshit off before I break that god damn jukebox!” Kevin yelled, clearly tanked by the alcohol. “Where the fuck is Cammie?”

Rico danced a little more, then got down, as, on the far side of the bar, Cammie had a strange smile on her face, and it wasn’t because Kevin was there.

Kevin then spotted her and swept her up off of her feet.

“Oh my gosh Kevin, put me down!” Cammie yelled, laughing all the way out the bar door as Kevin carried her up to their room.

Kevin reached the door and set her down.

Kevin barely had time to unlock the door before Cammie threw her arms around Kevin and started to passionately kiss him right there in the hallway.

Kevin soon gave in, and it soon got hot and heavy, before they backed up against the unlocked door, and Cammie fell into the room and on the floor…with Kevin on top of her.

Then, Kevin reached back with his leg and kicked the door shut, before leading Cammie to the bed.


Back at the bar, Rico and Jarrod were hanging out, as the bartender was about to close.

“Last call!” the bartender happily yelled, even though it was only Jarrod and Rico left.

The bartender was totally exhausted, after the long night the team gave him.

Jarrod was about to pass out, when the late edition of Sportscenter came on ESPN.

“Turn that up!” Jarrod told the bartender.

“Okay, but you guys have got to get out of here after that,” the bartender replied.

Jarrod said nothing.

He just listened as Kenny Mayne and Dan Patrick called the highlights of their game.

“And here is Kevin Staley with the huge save for B.U.,” Mayne said in his comedic tone. “That was hard.”

“The game was tied at the end of regulation, so we’re headed for ooooovertime,” Patrick said. “No scoring in the first OT, so we’re on to the extra extra frame, when Sioux captain Blake Hardy steals the puck from BU defenseman Jarrod Adams, and is pulled down from behind…which means…penalty shot!”

“Hardy, one-on-one with Staley,” Patrick continued. “Who would emerge victorious? Staley, with a huge glove save keeps the score at double-donuts!”

“A minute later, BU captain Jake Morris catches the Sioux on a line change, and goes coast-to-coast, finding himself one-on-one with Sioux goaltender John Harkey, who made 44 saves in the game. But it’s the 45th he wanted back, as Morris totally freezes him, beating him five-hole, giving BU the championship. The Terriers win it 1-0, in double overtime. Afterward, Staley, who was stellar in goal with 61 saves, was named the MVP,” Patrick concluded.

“I was just trying to keep the team in it,” Kevin said in the interview with Gary Thorne. “Luckily, I waved my wand and the magic worked. I am so proud of all the guys that we were able to pull it out.”

Then they went to Jarrod’s interview, when he said “YEAH BABY! I’m goin’ to Disney World!”

Jarrod and Rico instantly erupted from the bar, until the bartender shut the TV off.

“Hey, man what the fuck?” Jarrod asked.

“Sorry guys, you gotta go…The city ordinance is 3 a.m.” the bartender informed them.

Rico then mumbled something similar to Farmer Fran of “The Waterboy,” before Jarrod got up and walked away.

“Come on Cheech,” Jarrod said. “We can probably catch the late Sportscenter and tape it.”

Rico then mumbled something else to the bartender before they left, finally calling it a night.

What they didn’t know is that it was already 3 a.m., and they had to be back up by 10 to catch their flight back to Boston.

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