Immediately after the game, Kevin and his teammates took to the Salt Lake City Marriott Hotel, where they celebrated their victory at the hotel bar.

Practically the entire team was at the hotel bar getting plastered, and enjoying every minute of it.

They didn’t care.

They earned and deserved every minute of it.

Or at least that’s what they were saying.

Especially Kevin, who was sitting at the bar bragging about his skills in net.

A lot of people thought he was full of shit, but none of them were going to argue with that ego and live to tell about it.

Sitting on Kevin’s lap was his new girlfriend, Cammie Walker.

Cammie, 21, was BU’s star soccer player.

She was tall, about 5-7, with brownish-blonde hair and hazel eyes.

As she sat on his lap and looked into his eyes, she realized that she finally got what she wanted.

Sure, she had her kicks with hockey players in the past (i.e. Scott Anderson), but never had anyone who treated her as well as Kevin did.

She absolutely fell head over heels for Kevin the minute he came back to BU.

As soon as she saw him, she knew she had to have him.

The only problem for her was getting rid of that bitch Krista.

It took a lot of time and effort (and her connections in D.C.), but she was finally able to get rid of her and get what she wanted—Kevin.

“WOOO! Chug Chug Chug!” the team yelled across the bar as Jake downed some beer.

Kevin laughed and kissed Cammie as the celebration continued.

“BUDDY! Have another!” Jarrod yelled as he came by and handed Kevin another 16-ouncer.

“AHHH! What the hell is this?” Kevin yelled, spitting out the beer and throwing his glass off the wall, breaking it and nearly hitting Jarrod in the head. “I don’t want no fuckin light beer!”

“Enough horse piss! Bring on the Imports!” Kevin yelled, instantly getting a cheer from the rest of the team.

Just then, the reluctant bartender passed around all the Foster’s, Beck’s, Heineken, etc., that the team could handle.

You name it, they probably drank it.

Just as Kevin downed a Heineken, Michelle Harris, Jake’s girlfriend, came over to him.

“Hi Michelle,” Kevin said, kind of slurred.

“Kevin, help me, Jake is about to pass out, and he won’t quit,” Michelle said, genuinely concerned.

Michelle, 19, was a sophomore business law major at BU.

She was considered the smart one of the entire group.

However, because she was underage, “the smart one” had to be “the sober one.”

“Alright,” Kevin said, stumbling off of his bar stool. “I’m coming.”

Kevin then went over to Jake, who was tripping over everything and everyone.

“Come on buddy,” Kevin said, “Time to call it a night.”

“Wooo!!! PARRRRRRRTY!” Jake yelled as he passed out and fell to the ground.

“Is he ok?” Jarrod asked, coming over with Rico right next to him.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine as wine,” Kevin said, not knowing a word he said.

“Need help?” Rico asked, in his usual accent.

“No thanks Cheech, I can handle it,” Kevin said, taking Jake out the door.

Kevin then picked Jake up off the ground and left the bar with Michelle to take Jake back to his room.

“Who Cheech?” Rico asked Jarrod, with that horribly broken English.

“Rico, let me ask you something,” Jarrod stated as Rico looked at him puzzled. “What’s the opposite of less-off?”

“Less-off?” Rico replied. “More-on.”

“Exactly,” Jarrod replied with a laugh as he patted Rico on the back and went over to the jukebox.


Meanwhile, back on the road, the FBI continued driving deep into the night with the hope of making it to Crystal Lake.

“Psst...Goldwater...Goldwater!!!” Crowley whispered to Krista in the backseat.

“What?!” Krista replied, startled out of sleep.

“Get the hell up, we got work to do,” Crowley stated.

“Where are we?” Krista asked.

“A few miles from New York State,” Crowley replied.

“What the hell?” Krista asked. “If we are only near New York, why the fuck did you wake me up?”

“Because,” Crowley answered. “You are an FBI agent now. You need to be on task 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 366 on leap year.”

“Fuck that,” Krista replied, clearly annoyed. “I am going to sleep. Wake me up when we get there. I don’t have to put up with this shit.”

“Settle down,” Radisson added. “Crowley, quit messing with her.”

“You don’t tell me what to do,” Crowley replied. “Besides, once we hit New York State, we are grabbing a hotel for the night.”

“Amen!” Krista sarcastically stated half-asleep.

“Lighten up Goldwater. I am only jerking your chain,” Crowley said. “Welcome to the wonderful world of the FBI.”

Krista only half-smiled as she curled up in the backseat and went back to sleep.

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