“NOOO!! No guns!” Kevin screamed, immediately ceasing the fire. “There is fuel spilled everywhere, one spark and this whole place will go up.”

“Great, now what?” Kunkle asked.

“This,” Crowley said, grabbing a knife and charging at Jason, tackling him into the plane with a thud.

Crowley fought hard, giving Jason all he could handle—and then some.

He repeatedly stabbed Jason as the others stood by in awe.

They couldn’t believe Crowley had it in him.

The fight soon spilled into the plane, and once the door closed, they all became worried.

Krista immediately ran to Kevin, who was pale in the face.

He had lost a lot of blood and was getting weaker by the minute.

“Krista,” Kevin mumbled.

“Yeah?” She replied.

“Tear a strip off of my shirt,” He insisted, barely able to talk. “And tie it tight around my arm to stop the bleeding. I’d do it myself, but I’m not strong enough.”

Krista did as he asked, and almost instantly, a little color came back to his face.

“I am gonna be of little help to you two now,” he said as Kunkle came over to check on him.

“If we are gonna make it out of here alive, you have to listen to me closely,” he insisted.

“Here’s the plan,” he continued, as he sat up.


Back inside the plan, Crowley got up; the force of the tackle had knocked him out.

He immediately looked around, but didn’t see Jason anywhere.

He had no idea where he was.

Staggering to his feet, he felt a pain in his head, and when he touched his head, he realized he was bleeding.

“Damnit,” he said, pulling out his handkerchief and wiping the blood as he cautiously stepped out of the plane.

As he got to the ground, however, he heard a small “whirr,” but then it stopped.

“What the hell?” He whispered as he heard it again.

It was coming from the opposite side of the plane.

It almost sounded like someone was trying to start the plane.

Sure enough, a second later, the one functioning propeller came to life.

“What the fuck?” Crowley said as he went over to it, drawing his gun.

Then he remembered Kevin saying “no guns” and threw it away with a “DAMNIT!”

He looked around and saw nothing as he cautiously approached the roaring propeller as if it were a trap.

He didn’t know it, but he already fell for it, lock, stock and barrel, because standing directly behind him was Jason, ready to pounce.

Just as Jason was about to grab him, Kunkle appeared on the opposite side of the propeller.

“Crowley!” She yelled, but it was too late.

Jason had him in his vice-grip.

“Burn in hell!” Crowley blurted, unable to fight him off.

Jason, seizing the opportunity, launched him into the air—and right into the propeller, splattering his entire body all over Agent Kunkle.

The force of the impact knocked Kunkle to the ground.

Both hurt and scared, Kunkle got back to her feet, pulling out her secret weapon, a tazer.

Knowing how dangerous the results could be, she was extremely careful to make sure no sparks got to the fuel tank, or they would all be toast.

Charging at him, Kunkle was ready to avenge her fellow agents, even if it meant her own life.

In this case, it did.

Jason was ready for her, and as she jumped into the air, he caught her and simultaneously gored her with her own tazer, poking it out her back.

As she hit the ground, Jason maintained his grip on the tazer.

Then he found the trigger.

She was toast almost instantly, because the tazer had gone through her entire body.

Jason pulled back on the tazer a little, just so it would be back inside her body.

Then, tilting his head from side to side, he fried Kunkle like a death row inmate in the electric chair.

Jason then turned up the controls to maximum electricity, and that’s when Agent Kunkle’s body, intense shaking, became highly combustible.

An instant later, she exploded.


Soon after, Jason was surprised to hear that the propeller had stopped.

He immediately glanced into the cockpit, and saw Kevin there, who greeted him with a quick “bird.”

Jason then immediately went toward the other side of the plane, but when he rounded the corner, there was Krista, who stuck a pick in his chest.

Growling, Jason had no idea what he was in for next.

Because both Kevin and Krista managed to muster up enough force together to get Jason inside the plane.

However, in the process, Jason held onto Kevin, so Kevin was stuck inside the plane while Krista was about to seal the door.

“Kevin!” She yelled.

“You know the plan! Seal the fucking door!” He yelled.

She did as he ordered, and managed to seal the door, while Kevin struggled inside with Jason.

Kevin, unable to generate much strength, used his left hand to fend off the weakened Jason.

As they fought toward the back of the plane, Krista wired the entire plane to the bag of C-4 explosives that the agents brought, before realizing that Kevin had the detonating device with him inside.

“KEVIN!” She screamed. “It’s ready! But you have the switch!”

Realizing that, Kevin knew that if he didn’t get out of there soon, he would have to detonate it inside the plane, meaning, more or less, that he was history.

Just as Kevin was about to push the switch, Jason knocked it out of his hand, and made one last charge toward him.

But, as he did, the floor gave way underneath him and caused him to get trapped.

Kevin seized the opportunity, and stabbed Jason with the pick one last time (surprisingly strong with his left arm), before grabbing the detonating device.

With Jason stuck, Kevin took one last look at him, and said, “This is it. See you in hell.”

Outside the plane, Krista was in tears, screaming, “KEVIN!” as the entire plane ignited with multiple blasts and a huge orange fireball.

The explosions sent her flying through the air, crashing to the ground with a sickening thud about 30 yards away.

Then everything went black.

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