“Any ideas??!!” Kunkle yelled as they ran from a quickly approaching Jason.

“We need the bag of goodies!” Kevin yelled. “NOW!”

“It’s back in my car,” Crowley fired back. “We’ll never get to it before he catches up!”

“Alright then, we’ll split up,” Kevin stated as he hobbled along, barely able to run. “Two of us continue the chase, and the other two go get the bag.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Krista yelled, right behind him.

“Alright, Krista and I will distract him and you two go get the bag,” Kevin ordered. “And make it fast.”

“Okay, we’re going,” Crowley answered, as both agents picked up their pace.

Kevin and Krista, meanwhile, took off in the opposite direction, hoping Jason would follow them.

He didn’t.

He continued after the agents.

Desperate to make the plan work, Kevin pulled out all stops, as he called to Jason.

“Hey, asshole!” He yelled. “Over here, dickhead!”

Jason immediately froze in his tracks and turned around.

“Kevin, what are you doing?” Krista asked, trying to get him to continue up the trail.

“We gotta keep Jason off of them so they can get the bag,” Kevin whispered to her.

“Hey, Pussy! We’re over here!” Kevin shouted again as he noticed the agents disappearing into the darkness.

“Come get me!” He said, continuing his tirade. “Who do you want more? Them? Nah, they’re just FBI agents. We’re the ones who put you in that cave, you faggot! Remember? We’re the ones who froze your fat ass.”

Jason then tilted his head, and, fuming with rage, started toward Kevin and Krista, leaving the agents free to get the bag.

“Yes!” Kevin ‘rejoiced’ as they now realized they had a bigger problem to deal with.

“Come on, let’s go!” Krista shouted, as they took off up the trail.

“I hope they know what they’re doing,” Kevin stated. “They better have the fuckin’ National Guard in that bag.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Krista agreed. “What are we gonna do in the meantime?”

“Good question,” Kevin answered. “We just have to hold him off long enough until the agents come back with the bag.”

“How?” Krista asked.

“Leave it to me,” Kevin responded with a smile. “I got a plan.”

“Follow me, I know just the place.”


Coming to a clearing in the woods, the area looked really familiar to Kevin, but not Krista.

“Where are we?” She asked.

“You’ll see,” Kevin said, “Keep going.”

Then, suddenly, appearing from the darkness were the remains of the plane.

“Oh my god!” Krista stated, awestruck.

“How is this going to help us?” Krista asked.

“I stashed some weapons here as a last resort,” Kevin answered. “I only hope we can hold him off until the agents get back.”

Kevin then opened the hatch to the plane, and peered inside with a smile.

“What do you want, pick, pipe or butcher knife?” Kevin asked.

“Knife,” Krista replied.

Kevin then handed her the knife as he took the pick and prepared for battle.

The only problem was, Jason was nowhere to be found.

“Where the fuck is he?” Kevin asked. “We can’t be out in the open. We gotta hide somewhere. We gotta…”

Kevin’s speech was interrupted by a sharp pain in his arm and a horrible scream.

Jason impaled him to the plane by throwing a hunting knife through his arm.

“What should I do?” Krista screamed, scared.

“AHH god! Get away from here! Go find the agents, hurry!” Kevin yelled, in excruciating pain as he pulled the knife out of his arm.

His entire arm went limp.

“Fuck!” He screamed, realizing his right arm would be useless.

That proved to be a huge problem for Kevin, because he is right-arm dominant.

How could he ever fight Jason with one arm?

Well, he wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

Climbing into the plane, Kevin sealed himself inside, hoping that by the time Jason would break in, the agents would be back.

Krista, on the other hand, opted to fight Jason instead of running for the agents.

She tried to stab Jason with her knife, but Jason blocked it and easily took the knife from her.

Jason then launched the knife at her, narrowly missing as it struck the plane’s fuel tank, causing fuel to leak out onto the ground.

Inside, Kevin heard the knife hit, and began to smell the fuel.

He knew he wouldn’t be safe inside there for long.

That’s when he realized that Krista was still outside, and not running for the agents like she was supposed to.

Determined, Kevin opened the door and continued his verbal tirade of Jason.

“Hey, bastard!” He blurted. “Over here. I’m not dead yet.”

Infuriated, Jason started toward him, but was interrupted by Krista.

“Kevin! Get out of there! Hurry!” She yelled, drawing Jason’s attention again.

“Fuckface!” He continued. “Don’t make me wait all day. Let’s go! Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up!”

That did it.

He had Jason’s full attention.

“Come on, that’s it,” He yelled. “You can’t kill me. I dare you to come try!”

Jason was just about at the plane, when the agents arrived.

“We’ve got the bag!” Kunkle exclaimed.

Then the gunfire began.

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