“Krista! Krista, where are you?” Kevin called out, desperately trying to find her.

There was no response.

It was like she dropped off the face of the earth.

Worried, he pulled out a machete and started to look around.

“Hey, Jason! Are you out here, motherfucker?!” He shouted, pulling out a hunting knife with his left hand.

“Come out and fight, you pussy!” He continued.

There was still no response as Kevin reached the edge of the lake, carrying the machete in his right hand and the hunting knife in the left.

He started walking down the beach, leaving footprints on the sand as he progressed.

Hearing the smooth, crisp waves coming in off the lake, Kevin knew that the silence was deceiving. It was an eerie silence. The silence of death. He knew that the evil was out there somewhere. The problem was, he just didn’t know where.

Then, all of a sudden, the silence was interrupted by a ruckus on the opposite side of the dock, where there was a huge, continuous splashing sound.

Sensing Jason’s presence, Kevin immediately sprinted over toward the disturbance—and impatiently waited as the splashing stopped.

“Damnit Jason!” He cursed, swinging his machete at the water. “Where the fuck are you?”

An instant later, a duck came out of nowhere and scared the hell out of Kevin, who was ready to kill it with the machete.

“Fuckin duck,” Kevin mumbled, standing up on the dock as it flew away in the moonlight.

Then Kevin, hearing rustling in the nearby bushes, turned around, thinking he finally found Jason.

With his heart racing rapidly, Kevin had no idea what would happen next.

Directly behind him, Jason came crashing up through the dock carrying his machete.

Kevin immediately spun back around, and a huge standoff took place.

Both Kevin and Jason stood firm, each holding their machete as if it was the gunfight at the OK Corral, only with machetes instead of guns.

Nervous, Kevin stared directly at Jason, with a cold sweat running down his forehead. He knew that, one way or the other, this had to be it. The final battle. Two men enter, one man survives.

Jason didn’t budge either. He just coldly and blankly stared right back at him as both their machetes glinted in the moonlight.

Not surprisingly, Jason made the first move, raising his machete high above his head for a strike.

Kevin, meanwhile, blocked it with his machete, and the ultimate “sword” fight was underway.

Back and forth they went, with Kevin pushing Jason back toward the hole in the dock, then Jason pushing Kevin to the edge of the dock on the other side.

Neither one gave an inch.

Kevin dropped his hunting knife in the process, and had no chance of getting it without falling into the water. It was almost as if the knife hung there on the edge, taunting either Kevin or Jason to come and get it.

Kevin then took command, slicing Jason’s arm and causing him to drop his machete into the lake.

Growling, that further infuriated Jason, who fiercely fought back. He managed to get Kevin’s hunting knife and stabbed him right in the arm with it.

Screaming, Kevin dropped his machete and fell hard on the dock.

Jason wasted no time after that, grabbing Kevin by the throat and raising him high in the air.

Then Jason, grabbing Kevin’s machete off of the dock, was clearly ready to finish him off.

Then, all at once, the silence was broken by a loud command nearby:


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