Slowly, the cabin door opened with a creak.

In stepped the masked menace Jason Voorhees, carrying his ax.

Strangely, the once lit cabin was now pitch black again.

Jason, surprised, tilted his head to the side and cautiously stepped into the cabin.

Heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe, Jason stalked, scanning the entire area of the cabin for Rico, as if he had night vision.

As he passed a window, his eerie mask was lit by the moonlight for a brief second, but then disappeared back into the abyss once he passed by.

He reached the far end of the cabin, and looked around, not noticing Rico hiding under the bed.

The only light that came into the cabin was the moonlight, which illuminated Rico’s eyes for a split second. Once he realized that, he immediately closed them and began to pray that Jason wouldn’t find him.

All Rico heard were Jason’s footsteps prancing around the room looking for him.

Discouraged, Jason knocked over a lamp table and kicked a nearby dresser, throwing a huge temper tantrum.

He basically trashed the entire cabin.

Not being able to see Jason, Rico shrieked in horror.

Almost immediately, Jason turned his attention right to the bed.

Slowly, Jason stalked, as Rico opened his eyes.

All he saw were Jason’s boots.

Then, all at once, Rico lost control of his bodily functions, as he urinated all over the floor.

Jason, hearing the trickling, was surprised to see a small stream of yellow flowing from underneath the bed.

He then tilted his head sideways, thinking deja-vous, where have I seen this before?

But, soon after, Jason turned and walked away, and in a matter of seconds, Rico heard the cabin door slam shut with a thunderous bang.

Damnit, he thought. That was a close one. I knew I should have went on the plane.

Carefully, he crawled out from underneath the bed, and was almost knocked senseless by the nearby dresser, which finally toppled from Jason’s wrath.

Scared beyond belief, Rico scampered like a mouse and hid in the back corner, hoping Jason didn’t hear it.

He didn’t.

Soon after, the cabin door blew open and Rico was scared senseless once again.

Screaming, Rico slowly made his way to the door, but, thinking Jason would be there, opted to go out the window instead.

Slowly climbing out of the window, he hit the ground with a thud and immediately sprang to his feet and started to look around.

However, all he saw was the midnight mist of the forest, and all he could smell was the odor of rotting wood coming from the cabin.

Unfortunately, as he started to walk forward, he neglected to look back.

Because standing there on top of the cabin in a dark silhouette was Jason, carrying a crossbow.

Rico turned as he heard the click of the crossbow, but it was too late.

The arrow tore through his shoulder with devastating accuracy, straight through his flesh and back out of his body.

Rico screamed and grimaced in pain as blood began to pour from his shoulder.

Shouting out in intense pain, Rico got to his feet and started to stumble away.

An instant later, Jason was right there with him, and sent him flying through the air.

“No! Noooo!” He yelled, barely able to speak.

He landed a good twenty feet away, and was really slow getting up, thinking that Jason would be right there with him.

However, as he looked back, he was surprised to see that Jason was gone.

Dazed and confused, Rico got to his feet and ran back toward the cabin.

Maybe the crossbow is still there, he thought. It’s my only chance.

He managed to climb most of the way up the cabin, but then Jason appeared and chopped him in the leg with his ax.

Fortunately for Rico, he was far enough up the cabin to keep the damage to a minimum.

Breathing heavily and letting out a sigh of relief, Rico crawled over to where Jason was on the roof, then stood up in delight as he found the crossbow.

Or so he thought.

Much to his dismay, it was only a tree branch.

“Shit!” He yelled, before hearing that all-too-familiar click once again.

This time, the arrow ripped through his upper chest and knocked Rico off the back of cabin, down through the tarp of the nearby woodshed.

Buried in the tarp, Rico rolled and kicked and clawed at it, trying to break free, but he just couldn’t do it.

He was too weak.

And soon after, Jason was right there with him.

Rico, wriggling around like a worm, saw only brief seconds of the light— or lack thereof— as he also saw momentary glimpses of Jason.

Jason soon grew tired of the games, and just grabbed a hold of Rico, who was still inside the tarp.

Rico started to scream as loud as he could, but it didn’t deter Jason at all.

He dragged Rico along the ground to the largest tree he could find nearby.

Then, grabbing him like a Louisville Slugger, Jason took a mighty swing and bludgeoned Rico against the tree.

Rico screamed louder as his bones began to crackle.

Jason then swung again, silencing Rico’s screams, which were rapidly fading away.

Then he swung again.

And again.

Then Jason swung one final time, dropping him to the ground like a tenderized, bloody pile of meat.


Nearby, Kevin and Krista faintly heard the screams as they approached the camp.

“What the hell?” Kevin asked.

“You got the weapons?” Krista asked.

“Locked and loaded,” Kevin replied.

“Good, let’s roll,” Krista stated, as she started running toward camp.

Kevin, meanwhile, still feeling the effects of his earlier beating, lagged behind.

Moving along with a slight limp, Kevin reached up to move a tree branch out of the way, but then he quickly pulled his arm back.

“Tree branches aren’t warm,” he mumbled as he looked up at it, confused.

“What?” Krista asked.

“Nothing,” Kevin answered.

Then he saw that it wasn’t even a tree branch at all.

It was Cammie, whose body dangled from the tree in about five or six different directions.

Her face was too disfigured to recognize, but Kevin recognized a piece of her red sweater, the one he bought for their anniversary in Salt Lake City.

Some anniversary that turned out to be, he thought.

Then he heard Krista scream.

“Kevin!!!!!” She yelled.

“What?” He yelled back.

There was no response.

Kevin then took off, running as fast as he could in the direction that he heard her scream.

But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find her.

“Krista! Krista, where are you?!” He called out.

Again, there was no response.

“Not again,” He grumbled as he came to a stop behind one of the cabins. “Krista, where are you?!”

Then he heard it.

Very faintly, he heard someone moaning.

Looking around, he couldn’t quite make out where it was coming from.

But as he turned around, he could see who was moaning.

It was Rico, still barely clinging to life, pinned to a tree with a machete.

“Rico?” Kevin asked, not able to recognize him. “Is that you?”

Rico was so close to death, he couldn’t reply.

All he could do was moan.

“God, Rico, what did he do to you?” Kevin asked.

Of course, there was no response.

“You didn’t believe me, did you?” Kevin continued. “I told you Jason Voorhees was real...and you didn’t fucking believe me. You had to find out the hard way, just like everyone else.”

Rico just blankly stared at him as his life was slipping away by the second.

“Don’t you die on me, you son of a bitch! That would be too easy for you,” Kevin continued. “Too god damn easy. It wasn’t that easy for Jessica, now was it?”

“NO!” Kevin yelled, as he started to cry. “You and your partners in crime took away my first true love, and you thought you were gonna get away with it?”

“Bullshit!” He continued, wiping the tears from his cheeks. “One way or another, crimes have a way of catching up with people. Maybe it was all fate that our plane crashed here. Maybe we are meant to be here right now. You guys are fucking lucky that Jason got you before I could, because what he did is nothing compared to what I would have done.”

Kevin then stepped toward him, and said these last words: “One day you will thank me for this.”

Then Kevin viciously pushed the machete the rest of the way through him.

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