“Yeah, that’s right,” Jarrod added. “We fucked her that night two years ago. We just couldn’t pass it up. She was all alone. We were all alone. She was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Yeah, man,” Rico continued. “And she was so good…we had no idea it was going to go that far.”

Kevin’s emotions then overtook him, as everything came out.

“NOOOO!!! GOD NOOOOO!!! AHHHH!!!” Kevin yelled, releasing all the pent up anger, sadness, frustration and depression he felt for the past 2 years.

“You motherfuckers!” Kevin managed to yell, before they hit him again.

“Um, no Kev, we are Jessica fuckers,” Jarrod piped back, trying to be a smart-ass.

“You son of a bitch!” Kevin screamed, but was still restrained by Jake and Rico.

“Ohh, what’s this, boyfriend trying to be a big man and avenge his slut of a girlfriend?” Jake asked, hitting him one more time. “Truth is, she was easy. Too damn easy. I had my dick in her in no time.”

“You motherfu-- !” Kevin yelled, kicking at them, but still unable to break free of their grip.

“Oh, I don’t think so, murderer,” Jarrod said, tightening his grip on Kevin’s arm. “I see how it is…we took your bitch, so you take all of ours? Fuck no! And you think we’re gonna let this go unpunished?”

“Fuck no, we ain’t,” Rico interjected.

“How should we finish him?” Jarrod asked. “What do you think Jake?”

Jake didn’t answer.

That’s because, when Jarrod turned around to see where he was, Jake was beheaded.

And standing there, clutching his bloody ax, was Jason.

“Holy Shit!” Jarrod yelled as he realized that Kevin was right all along.

He had no time to react, however, as Jason grabbed him by his head, and started to squeeze.

As Jarrod struggled to break free, Rico dropped the beaten Kevin to the ground and started to run toward the cabins, when he tripped over Jake’s body.

Rico stood up just in time to get Jarrod’s brains splattered all over him, as Jason popped his head like a watermelon hit by a sledgehammer.

Screaming, Rico finally found his feet and started taking off toward the cabins.

Jason, grabbing his ax, then started to pursue him, when he noticed Kevin lying there motionless.

He stood over him and raised his ax high to the sky, finally getting ready to finish him off, when a bright light caught his eye.

Rico, up ahead, managed to open the door to cabin five, the center cabin, which was surprisingly lit.

This sparked Jason’s interest in Rico, and he continued on the path toward the cabins, leaving Kevin lying there on the beach of the lake.

As Jason slowly disappeared up the trail, another dark figure emerged from under the dock.

It was Krista!

She managed to help Kevin to his feet and dragged him off into the woods--

And Jason had no idea she was even there.

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