Jade and Michelle both screamed as the man in the mask approached.

"Hey guys, chill, it's just me," said a familiar voice as he took off his mask.

It was Kevin.

"Jesus, Kevin, you gave us a heart attack!" Jake yelled, setting down the knife he picked up.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kevin replied, taking off his goalie mask, "But this is the only thing that gives me decent camouflage out there."

"Where is he?" Jade asked.

"Who the hell are you?" Kevin questioned.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Jade," she replied. "Jade Patterson. I was one of the counselor trainees..."

Kevin quickly interrupted her.

"Say no more," he stated. "Nice to meet you, Jade. I'm Kevin."

"Enough of the formalities," he continued. "Jason is out there, and we have to be ready for him."

"Where is he from here?" Jade asked as Michelle and Jake listened attentively.

"I don't know," Kevin replied. "But I ran into him about half-a-mile up that trail. He was about to kill one of your friends, so I tackled him down the trail and lost sight of him after that."

"One of OUR friends?" Jake asked.

"Well, they ain't my friends!" Kevin replied. "I think it may have been Cammie, but I could care less about that bitch. I just did it because I want to kill Jason and get the hell out of here, once and for all."

"Kevin," Jake stated. "Rico and Cammie are out there. They left here a while ago, and haven't come back."

"Yeah, and Jarrod and Danielle, too," Michelle added.

"Well, we can't worry about them now," Kevin sighed. "We have to stick together and stop him for good. I have a plan."

"What did you have in mind?" Jake asked.

"Alright, you have to trust me," Kevin stated. "Two of us need to go out there as bait for Jason. The other two will have to be ready to finish him off when we lure him out into the open."

"What open?" Michelle asked. "We are in the middle of a forest."

"Camp Crystal Lake," Kevin replied. "That place is sacred to him. If we can lure him there, I think we have a shot."

"So, who's gonna be the bait?" Michelle asked with a whimper.

"Well," Kevin started, before Jake interrupted.

"How bout we draw straws?" Jake asked. "That's the only fair way I know."

"Alright," they agreed.

"Shortest straws become the bait," Jake stated.

Michelle drew the first straw, and it was a normal size one.

"Whew," Michelle said with a sigh of relief.

Then Kevin went, and got a short one.

"It's ok," Kevin stated, "I would rather have it this way."

Then Jade took her turn, and got the long straw.

She smiled and sat back down next to Michelle.

Which meant that, by process of elimination, it would be Jake and Kevin who were the bait.

"Alright, good," Jake stated. "Maybe we won't need to lure him anywhere. Maybe we can just send his fuckin' ass back to hell and call it a day."

"I wish it was that easy," Kevin replied.

"Okay," he continued, opening the door. "You two stay here until we get back. We are going to set the trap. If you hear anything or see anything, run like hell down that trail right there. It will lead you right to camp, and right to us."

"Okay, guys, be careful," Jade said, grabbing a knife and clutching it tightly.

"Hurry back, okay?" Michelle asked Jake, kissing him.

"Don't worry, it won't take us long," Jake replied. "We'll be right back."

With that, Michelle closed the door behind them as they took off sprinting down the trail, not knowing what they would do or where Jason was.


"What do you think they will do?" Michelle asked.

"I really don't know," Jade replied, "But Kevin seems to know what he's doing, so I think we'll be just fine."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Michelle replied, lying her head down on a makeshift pillow.

"I just want to get out of here alive," Jade replied, "You know?"

There was no reply.

"Michelle?" Jade asked, looking over at her.

She was sound asleep.

"What's this?" Jade mumbled, "naptime?"

Not even an instant later, she heard a tugging at the door.

Someone was trying to get in.

They couldn't be done already, could they? Jade thought, grabbing her knife and heading over toward the door.

She looked out one of the side windows to try to see who was out there, but the windows were so steamed up that she couldn't see through them.

"That's weird," Jade whispered.

She then slowly opened the door to see who was there, but again, there was nobody.

Clutching her knife even harder, she climbed down out of the plane onto the wet ground below with a splat.

She then started to walk toward the nose of the plane-- or what was left of it.

She made her way to the front of the plane and called out, "Hello?" but the only response she got were from the crickets and other creatures of the night.

Suspicious, she continued around to the other side of the plane toward the one remaining propeller, but still saw nothing but fog and darkness.

Maybe I should go find the others, she thought, before realizing that Michelle was still inside the plane sleeping.

Just then, an owl hooted nearby, scaring her half to death.

Then she turned around and got the other half.

Standing there before her was Jason, who grabbed her by the throat.

Jade proved to be resilient, however, as she stabbed Jason in the hand with her knife, causing him to drop her into a puddle of mud.

Jason barely flinched from the pain and grabbed her once again, this time grasping her throat harder.

Jade went to stab him again, but he knocked the knife out of her hand.

She tried to scream, but he had her vocal cords all closed up.

He then noticed the propeller, which was stationary, lodged in between the ground and a nearby tree.

As Jade struggled to break free, Jason slowly lifted her toward it.

She kicked and clawed and scraped, but nothing worked.

An instant later, it all ended, as Jason impaled her on the propeller, squirting blood all over the nearby windows.

Jason then stood and watched as Jade's body slid the whole way down the propeller, leaving a trail of blood in its path.

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