“Shit!” Tim yelled as he sprinted through the woods. “How could I lose it?”

Tim and Melissa got the whole way back to their tent before he realized that he lost his wallet.

They figured he probably left it at the cave by mistake, so they both took off sprinting back there, despite Melissa insisting they wait until morning.

Now, it was pitch black outside, and they weren’t even sure they knew where they were going.

Sparky led the way, with Tim not far behind, and then Melissa , who trailed them by about 100 yards.

During the panic, neither one noticed the dark clouds forming once again in the skies above them.

Sparky reached the cave first, and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Tim soon followed, as did Melissa.

Out of breath, they both stopped at the entrance to the cave.

“I am gonna go inside and get Sparky,” Tim said, breathing heavily. “Stay here and look around the outside of the cave, where we were earlier.”

“Are you sure?” Melissa asked. “Do you have a flashlight?”

“Yeah,” Tim said, pulling it out of his pocket and turning it on. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, hurry back,” Melissa responded, as she started to search for his wallet with her flashlight.

Tim then disappeared into the darkness, and all Melissa saw was the yellow of his flashlight before it too dimmed off into oblivion.

“Sparky?” Tim asked, shining his light around the walls of the cave.

There was no response.

As Tim got deeper into the cave, he got more and more confused.

Finally, he got so far in that he just decided to stop.

He turned around and looked back, but instead of seeing Melissa, all he saw was pitch black.

He then turned his attention back to the path, which now split into three separate paths.

Great, now what? He thought, trying to think of which path to choose. Will it be Door No. 1? Door No. 2? Or how about Door No. 3?

Just then, he heard a noise coming from the center path.

“Sparky?” he called, as his voice eerily echoed in the cave.

Seeing no other options, Tim continued straight ahead on the middle path, hoping he would find Sparky in there.

“Sparky?” he called again.

Still no response.

Finally, he saw a small light at the end of path, so he decided to walk toward it.

As he came to the clearing, the moonlight shined in and revealed to him a large pool of water directly ahead of him, as well as a small cliff that towered behind it.

He put his hand in the water, and it was ice cold.

“Damn!” Tim yelled, as his voice continued to echo. “That is fuckin cold.”

He then heard a noise directly behind him.

Thinking it was Sparky, he turned around and said, “Come here Sparky,” in a baby-like tone.

Instead, his flashlight shined directly onto the masked face of Jason Voorhees, fully-thawed and standing directly in front of him.

“AHHH!” Tim screamed as Jason grabbed him by the throat.

Jason then raised Tim high above his head, and, with one mighty twist, popped his head right off of his shoulders, sending his body crashing to the ground and his head flying in the opposite direction.

Back outside, Melissa was approaching the back entrance to the cave with her flashlight, when she finally saw it.

Tim’s wallet.

Lying on the ground.

Elated, she picked it up and put it in her pocket, before calling out to Tim: “Tim! I found it!”

As she approached the boulder, she saw a small light inside, so she figured Tim must be in there.

Again, she repeated: “Tim! I found it!”

And again, she was met with silence.

Discouraged, she felt a cold shiver down her spine, and then the first drop hit her shoulder.

It was raining.

With no other option than getting soaked, she climbed into the narrow entrance that the boulder provided.

In here, she thought, at least she could stay dry.

The little moonlight that seeped through the rain clouds helped Melissa find her way down the small cliff and toward the small pool of water that lie at its base.

Overheated, Melissa reached into the water with both of her arms, then had to pull them back out.

She couldn’t believe how cold it was.

Then, as she turned around, she was scared half to death as Sparky came sprinting past her, yelping.

“Jesus, Sparky, you scared the shit out of me,” Melissa yelled.

But Sparky didn’t stop.

He didn’t even acknowledge her.

He found his way up the side of the small cliff, squeaked through the boulder entrance, and sped out into the rain, yelping all of the way.

“Sparky! Sparky, come back!” Melissa yelled, running after him as a flash of lightning blared into the cave.

What Melissa didn’t see was that, when the flash of lightning hit, it revealed the masked menace Jason Voorhees, who was standing in the back corner of the cave.

He was watching her every move, concealed by the dark of the cave.

Distressed by Sparky’s abrupt exit, Melissa turned around and started to call for Tim.

“Tim! Tim! Let’s get out of here! I have a bad feeling about this place,” she yelled.

But there was no response.

All she heard was the echo of her own voice as she passed by right where Jason was standing.

Then she saw it.

Tim’s flashlight.

Still lit, she picked it up.

“Tim?” she called.


She then started to shine her light on the nearby walls of rock, and soon found that the walls were all wet.

Water somehow had seeped through, she thought. Probably just some groundwater.

She then felt the water dripping on her head.

Where is this coming from? She mumbled as she felt her head.

She pulled her hand back and screamed.

Her hand was red.

Then she realized that the walls weren’t wet with rain.

They were wet with blood.

“Tim??? TIM!!!” She screamed as she shined her light on the wall, revealing Tim’s body, headless and sticking to the wall with his own blood.

Hysterical, Melissa turned to run—and ran right into the wall.

Or so she thought.

She really ran into Jason, who was standing right behind her the entire time, perhaps admiring his handiwork.

Dazed, Melissa stood back up, but Jason grabbed her by the hair and launched her halfway across the cave and into the ice cold pool.

Screaming in pain and from the intense cold, Melissa immediately tried to get out—but Jason’s powerful hands prevented that, as he held her under the water.

Screaming under the water, Melissa used her last resort—Tim’s hunting knife, that she had strapped to her belt—to stab Jason in the hand.

She was able to get out of the pool as Jason examined the damage to his hand.

She stuck the knife the whole way through his hand.

Growling, Jason pulled the knife out of his hand, as Melissa started to run away.

Without delay, Jason threw the knife in a spiraling motion, and it connected directly into Melissa’s head.

Writhing in pain, Melissa fell to the ground, as Jason closed in.

Melissa started to crawl away, but Jason yanked her up to her feet.

Then, with blood squirting out of her head, Jason pushed the knife the rest of the way in as her limp body fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

The entire knife, not just the blade, was lodged in her head.

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