Jade sat up as the others came rushing to her aid.

“Jason? What the fuck?” Jake asked.

“Jay-sun?” Rico added.

“Wait a minute...aren’t we forgetting something?” Jarrod stated.

“What?” Jake asked.

“The plane,” Jarrod insisted, “If we don’t get out of here soon, the whole damn thing is going to explode.”

“Not necessarily,” Jake informed them. “Remember, right before we crashed, the pilot said we were close to home.”

“So?” Jarrod asked.

“So…” Jake replied. “That means we have very little fuel left, and with this rain, there is hardly any fire.”

“Good point,” Danielle added.

“So what are you saying?” Cammie absurdly asked. “That we should stay here?”

“You got a better idea?” Danielle replied.

“Calm down, both of you,” Jake intervened. “I say we take the chance and stay here at least until the rain stops. After that, we’ll go get help and get out of here.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Jarrod agreed.

“NO!” Cammie yelled. “I say we leave now!”

“Si, weave now,” Rico added in his horrible English.

“Fine, you two go out there into the monsoon,” Jake yelled. “We are gonna stay here and stay dry.”

“We definitely can’t go out there under any circumstances,” Jade intervened, finally catching her breath and coming to her senses.

“Why not? I want to get help!” Cammie argued.

“Fine, don’t listen to me, go out there and get yourselves killed,” Jade replied.

“Killed?” Cammie asked. “Why would we get killed?”

“Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake,” Jade piped back. “Home of Jason Voorhees.”

“Who gives a fuck about Jason Voorhees?” Cammie screamed. “Jason Voorhees is a ghost and ghosts are not real!”

“Listen to me!” Jade insisted, putting her hair into a ponytail. “I’m not lying! I came up here with the former owner of this camp and two friends of mine. We were going to be trained as camp counselors for Camp York. I used to think that Jason was a legend, but he’s real.”

“Ooooh, I’m really scared,” Cammie smirked. “Come on guys, how much longer are we going to listen to ‘Carrie’ here?”

Just then, Jade snapped, grabbing Cammie by the shirt and slamming her against the wall.

“I tried to be nice, you bitch,” Jade stated, “But you leave me no choice. Plain and simple. If you want to live, we have to stick together. If you want to die, then go right ahead and go out there.”

“Get off me you whore!” Cammie yelled, throwing her off.

Jake and Jarrod then stepped in to separate them before World War III exploded before their very eyes.

Jade then started to cry.

“Why won’t you believe me?” she asked. “If you want proof, there is proof back there in the main cabin. Ricky’s dead and Mr. Christy’s dead, and oh my god, poor Marcus.”

“Why should we believe you?” Cammie remarked.

“Can’t you put two-and-two together?” Jade asked.

“Si,” Rico added, butting in, “Dos es dos…Quattro.”

“NO, dumbass,” Jarrod said, smacking him upside the head. “Good point, Jade. Why else would she be out here…and come running to our plane?”

“What? I can’t believe you are actually considering listening to her!” Cammie yelled. “You really believe that Jason is real? Give me a fucking break.”

“Rico, let’s go,” Cammie ordered, as they prepared to head out for help.

“Please,” Jade cried. “I am begging you to stay here.”

“Go beg to someone else, we’re outta here,” Cammie ended as Rico followed her out into the storm.

“Let them go,” Jake stated, “We can pick them up later.”

“Yeah, if Jason doesn’t get them first,” Jade said.


Meanwhile, back in the woods, Krista opened her eyes.

Staring at the dark, gloomy sky, she managed to get to her feet.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle, but as she reached down to rub it, she noticed that she had been cut free from the branches that paralyzed her only minutes before.

She could have sworn she saw Kevin, but now, there was nobody.

No Kevin.

No Jason.


Just poor Radisson, whose lifeless body was hanging from that tree.

Carefully standing up and walking with a slight limp, Krista then noticed footprints down an adjacent trail, and began to follow them.

Maybe it was Kevin, she thought. But what could he possibly be doing here again?

Better yet, maybe it led out of the woods and into town.

However, both her assumptions were wrong.

She didn’t realize it, but the footprints weren’t Kevin’s, and the trail she was following didn’t lead out of the woods.

Or into town.

It led directly back to Camp Crystal Lake.

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