As Dan began to lose his struggle to keep the plane in the air, everyone on board panicked, wondering if these would be the last moments of their lives.

It was sheer chaos.

Everyone was screaming.

Jake and Michelle embraced, hoping it would not be the last time.

Jarrod and Danielle hugged, each with tears rolling down their cheeks, wondering if they would ever have that “Catch-Up Chat” they so longed for.

Rico, who pulled out his crucifix, was sprawled up against the wall praying in Spanish at the speed of sound.

Then there was Cammie, who, instead of going to the cargo room to be with Kevin, held onto Rico, trying to repeat everything he was saying, even though she didn’t know a word of Spanish.

Which left Kevin all alone, unprotected, in the cargo room, as the plane began its descent into hell.


Meanwhile, back at the border, Crowley just tightened the last lug nut on the front tire, when Kunkle, continuing to razz her colleague, saying with a smile, “Let’s go, Turbo, we don’t have all night.”

Crowley didn’t reply.

He just hopped in, tossed the tire iron in the back seat and said, “OK, now let’s go find Dumb and Dumber and get this show back on the road.”

Kunkle said nothing in reply, as she was clearly disgusted with his comment.

“What?” he said, revving up the engine.

“Nothing,” she said. “Let’s go, I'm driving.”

“Is that so?” Crowley asked, surprised, from the driver’s seat.

“Yea, Jeff Gordon, I am,” she said, “I don’t want you wrecking the car again.”

Mumbling curse words as he stepped back out into the rain, Crowley shockingly complied, and allowed her to get behind the wheel.

Then, in a flash, they peeled out and sped off down the road, hoping they could get across the state in time to continue their mission.


Back at camp, Jade could barely see two feet in front of her.

She was shaking profusely, for she had no clue where Jason was or even where she was for that matter.

She moved very slowly, as to make as little noise as possible with her every step.

She knew the history of this camp and she knew exactly who it was that was after her.

But Jade’s stealthy tactics would be in vain, because just at that moment, she slipped on a wet tree branch and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Shit!” she cried, stumbling to her feet and starting to run.

It was a good thing she ran when she did.

Because the very second she took off, Jason buried his machete deep into the tree that she had inhabited only seconds before.

Crying, she began to run as fast as she could, with little speed.

She had nothing left.

Out of breath, she was ready to turn around and face her certain demise, when...

Out of the sky zoomed the Boeing 717 as it whistled its way to the ground, slamming into the earth with great force before sliding to a stop in a huge cloud of smoke and fire, which was quickly extinguished by the rain of the intense thunderstorm.

Seeing that, Jade immediately ran toward it, hoping she could help them, or more importantly, whoever was on board could help her.

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jason also saw the plane go down, so he carefully stood back and plotted his strategy, as a new curve ball was thrown into his plans.

Mommy would not be too happy if he let this one get away.


About three or four miles up the road, Krista and Radisson also saw the horrific crash, and somehow they knew they were close.

Just then, Krista got a gut feeling in the pit of her stomach.

A feeling she hadn’t felt in quite some time.

“Kevin’s on that plane!” She screamed, as they both sprinted down the dirt road, kicking up puddles of mud and dirt in the process.

They knew that if there were any survivors on board, they would definitely need medical attention.

So, they ran into the woods and followed the rapidly disappearing trail of fire that the plane left behind, unaware of the horrors they were about to face.

Because now, this wasn’t a mission of proof.

This wasn’t a mission of existence.

At that moment, it became a mission of survival.

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