"Oh my god! Jake, are you okay?" Michelle yelled, running toward him.

Just as Jake emerged from the cargo room, one of the overhead storage latches broke, causing the door to swing down and nail Jake right in the face.

Jake staggered to his feet and held onto Michelle.

"I'll be okay," he said, falling back down.

"Take it easy," Danielle added, coming over to help. "What the hell's going on here?"

"I don't know," Jarrod said, struggling to his feet to help out. "But I am going to find out."

"Si, me too," Rico added, whose power nap was interrupted by the commotion.

They started to head up toward the cockpit, when Dan interrupted over the P.A. system.

"We just hit some turbulence," Dan stated. "I suggest you buckle up. The skies are very bad today, and this plane doesn't handle very well in the rain."

That worried everyone, who started to panic and prance around their seats.

"It's okay though, we're almost home," he assured. "Another hour or two at the most, and we'll be landing at Logan International Airport. Then this nightmare can finally end."

Instantly, they all erupted in a chorus of cheers as their nerves were calmed.

They were finally going to be home.


"Mr. Christy? Are you out there?" Ricky called out, hiking through the woods.

Even though the sun was going down, Ricky couldn't tell because all of the sunlight was being blocked by the thick, dense forest.

Only a few rays of sun managed to peek through the trees, but it was not nearly enough for Ricky to see where he was going.

He couldn't see anything, and all he could hear were the caws of the crows flying overhead.

"I am gonna kill that bastard!" Ricky mumbled as he sat down in front of an oak tree. "Dragging us out here for nothing."

Breathing heavy and clearly out of energy, Ricky pulled out his canteen and took a long, refreshing gulp of water.

"Now what the hell do I do?" Ricky thought. "Should I go back to camp and hang out with the others or should I keep looking for that fucker Allen Christy and kick his ass when I find him!"

He then looked up and noticed the rapidly darkening sky, so he figured he better head back to camp.

However, just as stood up, he heard footsteps approaching.

Instantly, he spun around, but only saw the trees.

Thinking nothing of it, he started to head back down the trail.

Then he heard the footsteps again.

Immediately, he spun back around.

And again, nothing.

Then, just as he looked around the left side of the tree, the masked-face of Jason Voorhees peered around the right.

By the time he made his way to the right side of the tree, however, Jason was gone.

Feeling a chill down his spine, Ricky turned to start running back toward camp, when he tripped and fell.

Looking back, Ricky saw what appeared to be a human arm.

Screaming, Ricky suddenly saw a flash of light, as a red road flare lit up.

Then he saw who had it.

It was Jason, whose masked face was illuminated in a bright glow of red by the flare.

In one instant, all of Ricky's questions were answered.

He didn't need anyone to tell him whose arm he tripped over.

And he certainly didn't need anyone to tell him that he had to find the others and get the hell out of there.

As he ran way, he could almost feel the heat of the flare rubbing against his neck.

The only problem was-- Jason was not behind him.

He was right in front of him.

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